Thursday, August 25, 2011

BERSIH - Bitter Stweets

Land Destoyer where Tony Cartalucci exposed BERSIH for what it really is,

"A recent example of this phenomenon is unfolding in the streets and within the political scene of Malaysia where a movement calling themselves "Bersih," or the "Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections" has captured the minds and imaginations of Malaysia's youth and progressive enclaves, both in Malaysia and around the world. While Bersih's leader Ambiga Sreenevasan claims ad nauseum "we are fighting for free and fair elections," what she fails to share quite as often with her impressionable, well-intentioned followers is the fact that her movement is also funded and has received training from the United States government and a host of foreign corporate-funded foundations."

has had it's Twitter account suspended for their Libyan coverage.

"This also occurred at the height of the Malaysian Bersih hysteria - where US-funded protesters were trying to gain momentum against Malaysia's decidedly anti-globalist government. A Land Destroyer account was also suspended as I exposed US funding and its agenda behind the street protests."

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