Friday, August 5, 2011

John Malott and Anwar Ibrahim - Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

Aaaand action!

WSJ "The Price of Malaysia's Racism" By John R Malott,
8 February 2011.

The Star, "Anwar’s sodomy trial to continue from Feb 14 to March 25"

Right on cue.

Two pronged mind you.

Meddler extraordinaire and Anwar Ibrahim pet friend, former embarassodour his ex-cellency Jon Malott, has come out with another howler.

Malaysiakini "An open letter to PM Najib" John Malott 31 July 2011

MySinChew "Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will take the stand in his sodomy trial on Aug 8"

Talk about long campaign, this coming Monday August 8, the trial will have been dragged 3 years to the day.

"Anwar had pleaded not guilty at the Sessions Court on Aug 7, 2008, to committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature, at Condominium Desa Damansara in Bukit Damansara, between 3.10pm and 4.30pm on June 26 the same year"

On track for the next GE.


Smart fellow this meddler choosing Malaysiakini. Or is it smart WSJ and dumb Malaysiakini, with this open letter to Malott, how ludicrous the demands requests are.

WSJ should know,

"In Kansas, 221 incidents of voter fraud were reported between 1997 and 2010. The crimes included absentee-ballot fraud, impersonation of another voter, and a host of other violations. Because voter fraud is extremely difficult to detect and is usually not reported, the cases that we know about likely represent a small fraction of the total."

and even Malott's other diversion "Running Scared in Malaysia", the WSJ seem to have qualified the ex-cellency and ex-con's pet friend,

"Who would win elections in Malaysia that truly are free and fair? The U.S. State Department reports that despite the many election irregularities during the 2008 elections, "most observers concluded they did not substantially alter the results." But unless the electoral reforms that Bersih is calling for are made, we will never know."

Sigh, the draMalott and dreaMalott. Another ROFLMAO.

Akan datang Malott and Anwar connection.

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