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Oon Yeoh - Blogger Reports On The Writerer Part 2


Dear Mr Oon DAP acolyte Yeoh,

This is the "innocent" mom who ptuiweeted her "thoughts" courtesy her own blog post. Very innocent language, yes?

"I mean, don’t you have enough of those nice things in real life? Why would you want to read something that you see everyday or encounter in your daily life?

And why would I want to write about them, when it is the norm? So, if I am going to spend a few minutes at my laptop and spew stuffs on this blog, it has to be something that is not the usual. Nowadays, I don’t have much time. Once upon a time, if the idea strikes me, I will blog. Now, I am paid to do a 8-5 job and I do that, and nothing more.

Sometimes, I do have things I want to rant but I have to limit it to 140 characters. (Twitter allows only that many characters, alphabets and spaces are counted one by one) My creative mind usually can summarise them in one sweet Tweet."

The name of her blog, The Obnoxious 5xmom sums it all.

Will screen capture later.

Er, Madam Obnoxious please don't delete post, ok. No point what. Police got your Mac.


Part 1 Yesterday

What is it with the the mainstream print media nowadays, the English language ones at least.

I stopped buying the New Straits Times a long time ago, way before they went tabloid. The Star? Well, Suara Tungku Abdul Razak is no more without fear or favour.

Which brings me to the The Sun Daily, if I can call it mainstream, and the DAP sycophant, Oon Yeoh.

His latest piece of infantile and futile tai chi, to justify the actions of a devious devout Christian radical in the guise of an innocent mom, shows the quality of journalists/writers the print MSM now engages.

Yes, yes. These MSM publishers will decorate the articles, fittingly this one at the foot, to note the writer's credentials, to give an air of credibility.

This young ciku DAP fanboy, in the facade of whatever his credentials would as much as possible allow, try his level best but will always fail to hide his true favour and in the process, succeeds only in affirming his childish mendacity.

More air than credibility.

How else can you explain such rubbish,

"It's also worth noting that Chan did not use a yellow badge on her Twitter avatar which symbolises support for Bersih."


"This kind of follow up only serves to alienate the web-savvy generation, which increasingly relies on new media and social media – not old media and not even blogs, which they consider old hat – for its news, views and information."

When he writes for the oldest. The print media.

Then again it's quite convenient for you though, no?

Then the old unsavvy-web foggies like me will not be able to expose and would not care a damn of what the foreign, hegemonist CIA funded SUARAM has to say.

NED and the CIA by Philip Agee.

Never mind that,

"..Chan's computer and modem have been seized. Penang Suaram coordinator Ong Ching Jeng has criticised the action as "overzealous" and another step towards restricting freedom of speech."

See how stupid and draMalottic this CIA funded NGO spokesman can be. Just like the loony Susan of the same CIA funded Malaysiakini.

The "innocent" mom of four is lucky not to have spent a night or two at Kamunting.

And now it's new and old media?

Yup, I am indeed not one of his "web-savvy generation" relying on new media.

I blog.

Let's come to the crux of his tripe.

The same old blah blah right to free expression and the new/social media and other watyamacallit media free to post, whenever and whatever you like.

Throwing in, actions being the cliched pro-Govt initiated, for good measure.

This is what I did prior to posting, to make and confirm a point. I just googled "fuck BN facebook" and what do you know. There is one!

My point? Do I care? No.

Alright. I googled "fuck Christianity facebook" Yes, its there too. But you don't want to get there. It fucked every other religion as well.

But hold on. I then googled "fuck Christianity facebook malaysia". The first link appearing is...

The Count To 10000000 Christians In Malaysia.! | Facebook - CachedSimilar
The Count To 10000000 Christians In Malaysia.! Wall · Info · Photos · Discussions .... Jackie Bambarayon Fuck 1malaysia! July 24 at 10:53pm ...

Yes, brothers and sisters in Christ, please be of the new "web-savvy generation" for a "new" Christian evangelism. I digress.

Do I still care? No.

The whole point is that this "innocent" mom of four "coincidentally" asked thought her Christian brethren shud (sic) march for all the persecution to her Lord! At the height of the much hyped and combustible but discredited in the old media blogosphere, call to march bastard entity, BERSIH.

Tony Yew has explained his reason for the police report, if this friend of Unker Lim cared to at least consider.

I applaud Tony.

Need I mention Anders Behring Breivik?

But if I made a report, it would be also to rid my Catholic Church of the leeching and exploiting opposition, who have infiltrated and are using my church for their political agenda.

Mr Yeoh, your kung fu is so Wang Yu.

"For example, where in the sentence does she mention "Bersih"? She said Christians should march. She didn't say when and where. She didn't even identify the "they" in the sentence. She certainly didn't mention "BN" or "the government"."

Who are you trying to kid, Mr Yeoh?

"And what is it exactly that this mother of four – who happens to do contract videography work for the Penang government – tweeted that is so seditious?"

Leave the kung fu spinning to your more Donny Yen fellow professional DAP politicians.

You can impress your "web-savvy generation".

You don't and never impress me.

In fact, I exposed you for the hypocrite you are, a closet die hard, DAP satay fanning, Jeff Ooi admiring piece of BERSHIT bullshit.

By the way, I googled "Malaysia investigates mother of four for seditious tweet" just to see your assertion of it's implied implication.

You were right.

It's there for all and sundry, the first link, your little piece of crap.

That's all.

Unsavvy-web old foggie like me did not bother to look further.

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