Friday, September 30, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim and the matter of Hudud Part 2

Continuing from the earlier post, that pronouncement, is bewildering many.

I had also given one possible scenario, that it is all shadow play, wayang kulit.

With "Pakatan: Hudud only if all parties agree" one might conclude that it is so, dramatics of the highest order.

However this,
"Why must PAS be denied the right to articulate their views We cannot deny the right of any party to bring forward any view PR respects PAS’s initiative and aspiration but we have to reach a consensus ” the former deputy prime minister said.
and this,
"The Permatang Pauh MP also said that the hudud enactments that were passed in PAS-ruled Kelantan and Terengganu in 1993 and 2003 respectively were done before PR had been formed."
shows that Anwar is in direct conflict with Karpal Singh and the DAP.
"Karpal also said the fear among non-Muslims that the implementation of hudud law was a step forward in the creation of an Islamic state was justified.

He said the implementation of hudud law would also contravene the Federal Constitution.

Karpal also said the rekindling of the hudud issue ran contrary to PAS' resolve during the recent muktamar to push for a welfare state."
Whether staged or not damage has been done.

Either way, like the elusive phantom voters, this affair will come to haunt Pakatan Rakyat in the next General Elections, campaign ammunition for the theatrics as well as divisive ideologies waiting to explode at any time.

Worst still, as a genuine faux pas statement, Anwar will not find himself in Christian and liberal voters' good books.

With that, PKR is a lost cause, as it was when it was born and more so now.

Damage control perhaps?

His die-hard bunch of neocon supporters like Wolfowitz and the interfereing John Malott will be running to the toilet to puke.

Blogger also has info on Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, founder of Human Rights Foundation, neocon link but that is for another day or appropriate moment.

Coming back, as I said in the first part of this post, diplomatic ties with the Holy See has mollified the Christian crusaders of DAP in the East.

There is no way Anwar can realise his dream to be Prime Minister without the Sabah/Sarawak bloc.

With his support for Hudud his dream has just turned into a nightmare.

Makes no sense right?

Anwar sometimes does things irrational when caught in a tight corner.

Recall the flight to the Turkish Embassy when charged with the present Sodomy II.

Sodomy II is not going very well with his star witness' credibility being questioned in and exposed out of court.

There is now murmurs of another alleged Anwar sextape swirling round.

The sudden stance taken by Anwar is another act of irrationality. His thought process must have been impaired.

But Anwar is a political animal.
"This points to a trap waiting to catch the silver-tongued Mr Anwar, who deftly tells different audiences—religious or secular—what they like to hear."
Not this time but Anwar will no doubt capitalise on his blunder.

I will now look forward to Sodomy II proceedings. Not the trial in itself which I have not much interest but the attorney and client relationship behaviour.

Finally, why did Anwar Ibrahim come out with an open support of Hudud?

To stay relevant.

With PAS, Anwar fights and runs away will live and hopes to fight another day.

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