Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bye Bye BN

There is now a controversial deal involving Sime Darby Bhd and E&O Bhd as reported by the Star

Bloggers A Voice latest, BigDog today and Rocky's Bru have all broached this contentious issue.

What do I see in this? Who needs BERSIH or DSAI. BN will just implode.

With this dubious transaction, you do not have to read Voice, BigDog or Datuk Rocky if they are not up your alley, you decide after reading the aforementioned Star report.

I am getting sick and tired of all these goings on. My post yesterday was genuine protest of the Govt bending over, oftentimes it would seem.

I will just sit and watch how this Slime Darby shit pans out.

Having engaged the other side of the fence and I can tell you they are more passionate than pro-BNers, I publish this email I sent to a retired Colonel in response to his,

Hi Xxxxx, can you please forward this email to your brother Freddie. For his reading pleasure. In my last meeting with him, he tried to impress upon me that Bersih's objectives were all part of a fraud, and basically, there's nothing wrong with our elections. Hopefully, this article may give him some reasons for reconsideration. Thank you

My reply,
Dear Uncle Xxx,

I most sincerely wish to thank you for taking time to revisit and address the matter of BERSIH in which we had a spirited discourse and your corresponding e-mail which Xxxxx has forwarded to me.

Firstly, in that very lively deliberation I did mention that as in anything close to our hearts, difference in opinions and views prevail and when all things are said and done, that we agree to disagree.

The common thread we share is that we are both passionate in our decided sentiments.

Surely then I will not attempt to impress any further how and why I arrived at my belief and conclusion on the BERSIH subjective.

You mentioned many scholars and have appended excerpts from selected scholars. I have read or come across some of these scholars notably Bridget Walsh, Ibrahim Suffian, Andrew Aeria and Willam F. Case because I could recall links and articles attributed to them.

I will not delve why these scholars take such interest and position in the political situation of countries in general and Malaysia in particular. Everyone, academicians, scholars, activists et al have their own particular intentions including experienced people like yourself, Uncle Xxx.

I do not have prerequisites to consider myself as such.

Your interest and position is well intentioned, I know that for a fact. I cannot say the same, with such confidence, for others you mention.

Suffice only to append two links for your kind perusal.

In the matter of Ms Bridget and company of the co-authored report, it's own survey does not justify any or all the criticism it sees fit to hurl at Malaysia.

Please Uncle Xxx, see the tables for yourself. Of particular and pertinent note is "Two governing institutions, the police and the Electoral Commission, however, did not have quite the same high level of trust. This reflects the considerable public criticism both institutions have faced for performance in the past few years." but the EC has a 61% high trust!

As for Mr Case, he himself states, "With respect to electoral contestation, the government has scrupulously dissolved parliament within the five-year time span specified by the constitution and has broadly enfranchised society. Secret balloting and vote counting have also been carried out, and the results have been accurately reported."

You thus see why I do not give any preponderance to these people.

As you have provided some excerpts, allow me to provide a link, which is a declassified US FOIA document, of Malaysia. and the author Nowhere does it state or suggest any election malfeasance.

Uncle Xxx, I thank you again and have my deepest respect.

At the end of the day we share the same desire. To live and die happily and a future for our coming generations. The course we take may differ but the destination remains the same.

Yours very truly,

A Voice had in 2007 posted on the related ECM Libra issue but what stands out is this prophetic comment and hope the Voice does not mind me publishing it in full.

Hi A Voice,
We live in a parliamentary system. I won't use the word "democracy". The bottom line is the only real pressure which can be brought on Badawi & company to change its game is the possibility of losing Parliamentary or State seats.
Everything else, including what you and I write in blogs, is just idle commentary. That's the harsh reality of it. As Tun Mahathir once arrogantly, but accurately, said when he was PM - "If you don't like our policies, you can always try to convince the voters to change the government at the next elections". Of course that's not going to happen, but shrinking the BN's majority is within the realm of the possible.

The possibility of reforming BN and UMNO from the inside is remote. The only case in the Westminster system I can recall where a PM with a powerful majority in Parliament had to step down is Margaret Thatcher in 1990. Her Conservative Party had a big majority, but she personally had grown so unpopular, the other leaders forced her to resign. Very rare case.
Tunku Abdul Rahman's resignation was linked to the unhappy events in 1969, and no right thinking Malaysian ever wants to see that happen again.

I'm not an Opposition supporter, and the weaknesses of all the opposition parties and their leaders are quite obvious. But the logical conclusion I have to draw is the only incentive Badawi has to change his policies & actions or start reining in his sidekicks is if he starts losing some seats at elections. Everything else is "Sembang Kedai Kopi"

We all know what happened after that ECM Libra debacle.

The biggest mistake any Govt will make is underestimating the common folk, the silent majority and those like me.

There is a limit to everything.

Update 1.50 pm

Related subject matter.

E&O aims to begin reclamation work for RM12bil Penang project.
"In a filing with Bursa Malaysia on Tuesday, E&O said while the in-principle approval was a vital step towards being able to reclaim the balance concession area, there were other steps still to be undertaken and approvals to be obtained before reclamation works could actually commence."
Unker Lim's son can now hold Slime Darby by the balls. Also here.

More balls squeezing
"Meanwhile, investment bankers said that there was nothing to stop another party from making a general offer at a price lower than what Sime Darby offered. “Since the other shareholders are not entitled to Sime Darby's offer, they could be tempted to sell to a new offeror if the price is right, even if it's less than the RM2.30 per share offered (by Sime Darby),” said one banker. If that happened, Sime Darby would be in a tough spot, considering that another party could assume control over E&O."
And what about the other covert matters?
"The Securities Commission (SC) is “examining the circumstances of the transaction” involving Sime Darby Bhd buying a 30% stake in Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O), the regulator said in an email reply to questions from StarBiz."

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