Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sodomy II Win-Win For Anwar Ibrahim

Personally I don't give two hoots what Datuk Seri Anwar's sexual predilection real, imagined, fabricated etc is.

My disdain for the not exactly porn star material is his aiding of capitalist and hegemonist forces by his contemned IMF "remedies" during the currency crisis in the late 90s.
"This policy package mimicked IMF programs elsewhere, and was pushed through by Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim."
Travails to exculpate his sodomy II charge will drag onto the next general elections before any final verdict can be reached.

That is the real defence strategy.

Any political commenter can see why Karpal Singh who once accused his client of committing the first charge now defends a similar charge. It is not only Datuk Seri Anwar's but also the Pakatan Rakyat's political future which is at stake.
"Now Anwar at hand has to cater to both DAP and PAS widening disagreement between the two. We all know DAP publicly doesn’t approve of PAS proposal of the Hudud Law."
What would be the political fallout on a guilty or innocent verdict? Or even charges being withdrawn?

Already Datuk Seri Anwar has taken an opportunity using sodomy II as a platform for political expediency giving reason to this end.

What better forum, making a statement from the dock, for political propaganda rhetoric.

A guilty verdict will re energise the PKR plagued by defections, tainted party elections, allies turned enemies and more.

If found found innocent ditto above.

Albeit from his true nature,
As court moved to adjourn for lunch, Anwar Ibrahim shouted his objections to the bench claiming that each of them had been handpicked to find against him and that Dr Mahathir had virtually destroyed the judiciary by appointing people who would maintain his control over it. The judges ignored the outburst and left the court.

“…even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law."
to an Oscar winning performance,
Today Mr Anwar said he bore no ill will toward Dr Mahathir, who retired 10 months ago after 22 years in power. "I bear no malice against him. Let him retire," Mr Anwar said outside court.

Mr Anwar credited the new prime minister, Mr Abdullah, for not interfering with the judiciary. "You've got to recognise the fact that his predecessor wouldn't have made this judgment possible," Mr Anwar said.
not unlike a chameleon.

Dropping the charges would have the same effect.

The Govt loses on all counts.

No matter what the verdict,
it is a Win-Win situation for Datuk Seri Anwar.

No matter what the verdict,
what the conspiracy theorists and doubting Thomases on both sides of the political divide, must consider is this...

what if complainant is telling the truth.

The Mole reports a chink of the Sodomy II star defence witness.


Newsflash : "Sodomy II: Defence adds Anwar’s spinal surgeon to list of witnesses"

Can the prosecution use the Datuk T Trio sex tape and/or call the experts authenticating same said tape to rebut an obvious defence team objective?

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