Monday, October 10, 2011

1 for Malaysia

In this post I said, "Three winning hand Aces in this high stake poker game with more to come."

The 2012 "Election" budget is a beaut. Ace #4.

The budget as Datuk Rocky aptly opined,

"I look at Najib's Bajet 2012 as a great follow through of a series of well-planned economic strategies that the Malaysian government has been renowned for."

While the Tiger did not roar, he did put in a good word. Newsportal the Mole reports,

"From the budget, the government plans to extend legal service to the poor and those in need, which I have to say is something good," the prominent criminal lawyer said.

It is noteworthy to appreciate PM Datuk Seri Najib's dealing those hands in more ways than one.

Lets take a look at it again. While

"It did not repercuss nor move the earth for me. Maybe because I am a proponent of the ISA in it's proper use so there is no fear for me and those who do not engage in activities that undermine the security of the nation."

"The recent announcement by the PM to abolish the ISA and other preventive laws had caught the Opposition off guard and many Malaysians as well."

As regards to the "bastard entity BERSIH" because "BERSIH is a fraud, the PM announced a parliament select committee to reform and fine tune the election process."

And most significantly "Those opposition sycophants infesting the Protestant grouping in general and my Catholic Church in particular were stunned by the Malaysian Govt establishing formal ties with the Holy See."

The desperate Hudud announcement by "Renaissance Man", Don Danny DeVito Anwar Ibrahim, follows his shattered dreams and hopes via regime change by the antics of BERSIH which he certainly desired.

Typical bluster taking the opportunity of events then for those who are always taken by him now.

But Malaysia is not Egypt or those EU/US client regime Arab countries.

It is consistent with the man, to be Prime Minister Malaysia, no matter what the cost.

In light of news coming out of Egypt, out of the uprising inspired by the Jasmine revolution of Tunisia, the Star reports yesterday Sunday 9 July "Twenty-four killed as Egypt Christians, police clash", the proactive steps taken by PM Datuk Seri Najib becomes all the more telling.

Rabid opposition zealots don't go sharpening your knives to carve me on the cliched "if not for us" or the "annointed one", the at all or any cost "Renaissance Man" Don DeVito Anwar, to claim credit.

Just like the shadowy opposition alternative budget, it's easy but remember, nemo dat quod non habet.

Even worse, Anwar not only dat quod non habet, Anwar is non quid is.

What does one expect? Stupid is as stupid does.

Credit is given where credit is due.

Datuk Seri Najib has taken all the opposition bull and shit by the horns with a kick in their asses and his foresight augurs well for the future of the rakyat and the country, as Prime Minister in his own right.


Another good hand for Datuk Seri Najib would have been addressing the Independence of the Judiciary.

No worries, independence of the Judiciary is alive and kicking.

In fact, it's so independent that the Mole even suggests it outrageously independent and all embracing.

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