Friday, October 14, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim - "We Always Had A Strong Government"

"The Prime Minister, in his inaugural speech yesterday alluded to some of our economic virtues. Malaysia has achieved the present level of economic prosperity because of the cumulative effects of three decades of economic development and sustained growth. Even when the Malaysian economy slowed down in the middle of the last decade under the impact of global recession, it rebounded later with greater vigour and dynamism. We are now entering our seventh "fat year," with the economy growing between 8 to 9 percent since 1986

In the case of Malaysia, it was because we always had a strong government that we were able to implement these measures without much difficulty and weather out the initial opposition against them. As the experiences of other high performing East Asian countries testify, political stability provided by a strong government is a necessary pre- requisite for sustained growth.

It is our conviction that the only legitimacy for strong government is to ensure law and order and the improvement in the standard and quality of living for the people. Uninterrupted political stability has enabled us to implement pro-growth policies. Thus the well-being of our people has improved tremendously with rising productivity, incomes and access to better education and health care."
Anwar Ibrahim, The International Herald Tribune's Conference "Malaysia: Powerhouse of the Nineties", Kuala Lumpur, 16 November 1993

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