Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim's Hudud

Whatever Anwar's sexual predicaments hetero or otherwise, I have always maintained, is of no consequence to me.

What is of concern to me is the man and his principles and the lack of it.

A greedy and selfish person who would destroy all that is decent, to achieve his one and only goal and mission in his life, to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Here is a man who will subvert his own religion in the pursuit of his self-seeking dream.

His end justifies his means.

In his speech at The Ismail Faruqi Award Presentation Ceremony, International Islamic University Malaysia in February 1995, this he what he said,

"In the context of Malaysia today, this misconception is further compounded by the problem posed by those who, in their desire to gain political mileage, have called for the implementation of the hudud. It did not matter that the hudud laws they have drafted were not based strictly on established methodology of Islamic jurisprudence. Naturally the resultant Bill that was drafted contains serious contradictions and glaring defects in respect of such crucial matters as the scope of the crime, the nature of the evidence required as well as the punishment to be meted out. And worst, they have completely disregarded the paramount objectives of the Shariah itself. This is indeed a most retrograde move."

No prizes for guessing who those and they are.

They, who are in the same boat as him

Together now singing their same songs.

Blogger's Note :

It is thoroughly worthwhile to read that speech in total to discern Anwar the man.

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