Sunday, October 16, 2011

For the Yellow-bellied 无名 Cina 至上 Shuzheng

I am indeed humbled to be associated or at least mentioned alongside such prominent bloggers. Thank you 无名 ah pek for the honour.

There are anons and there are anons.

This Cina pek coward and hypocritical anon should stick strictly to pinyin for his greedy kind. Lest he dishonours and incur the wrath of his ancestors. For even in death as in life and the afterlife they will, wonder of wanderers, mooch upon their descendants, as hungry ghosts.

For all that he declaims, he aggrandises nothing more than hot air. emitting out the shuzheng cheeks of his posterior.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you are - Indian or Eurasian, but I've looked over the blogs that you mentioned. All I can say is that I see no difference in the racism potrayed by Shuzheng and others like Pure Shitt, Rocky, Syed etc. I'm not Chinese but I do get offended by the things the UMNO bloggers write.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 13:21,

It is my conviction that EVERYBODY has a racist streak within their person.

It is a human fallibility.

Anyone saying otherwise are not admitting to it.

It is the degree of intensity and how we control this racist tendency which determines our actions thereof that sets us apart from the extreme and radical.

Have you never heard utterences of Bangla, Indon, Chink, Honky, Melayu, Bhai, Keling, Serani et al derogatorily? Not to mention expletives in Chinese, Malay, Indian, English dan lain lain prefixing those terms.

In a sudden miff or in real anger?

Or even jocularly?

It is being racist AND bigoted that is dangerous. worst still at fanatical proportions.

See, even you, start off by asking 'what' I am.

Avoiding the word 'race' to ask the question shows a thoughtful character.

And you mention Indian or Eurasian, why?

Because my profile pic suggests to you as such?

Is that not being racist?

Would it surprise you then to find, that these "UMNO bloggers" you mention, being decent and responsible people?

Not offended but since you asked, I am a Malaysian of Portuguese/Filipino descent.

Thank you for your comments.

Freddie Kevin said...


Not offended but since you are unsure, I am a Malaysian of Portuguese/Filipino descent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was not trying to be racists by asking what you are. I was just curious. From your writings I knew you were Christian (and hence not Malay). I was just surprised that you were so aligned to the UMNO Bloggers and displayed so much animosity towards Chinese (or is it just to Shuzheng). Most of the Indians and Eurasians I know tend to be offended by the racism shown by the UMNO bloggers, as well as their animosity towards Christians. However we do have something in common (you & I), I am of Portuguese descent too.

Anon 13:21

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 13:21,

No apologies required as I did not infer that you are or suggest yourself as racist. It was to make a point ie standing for one's race cannot be construed as being racist.

It is when they are extreme, radical, fanatical et al that they become bigoted and rightly be branded racist.

Yes, I am Catholic to be precise, if you have gone thru my other postings.

Why should it surprise you that I am pro-UMNO? Again, pro-BN to be exact. I have 5 other siblings, two brothers both pro-Bn but cannot say the same for my three sisters.

And the message I was conveying is that the pro-UMNO bloggers mentioned are NOT racists and they definitely do Not have animosity towards Christians.

How do I know? I've know most of them personally.

By the way, pro-UMNO is a generalisation. It may be pro-BN or anti-opposition.

One can be pro-BN meaning pro-Govt and yet not be pro-

Similarly, I have no animosity against the Chinese, they are after all, fellow Malaysians.

In my younger days I was pro-opposition.

It is the Shuzhengs and his/her antithesis the extreme Christian DAPs or should I say opportunistic Xtian DAPs, persons and parties BN included, who would use race and religion for personal agendas, that I have a problem with.

You have more things in common with me other than being Cristao, you engage in a responsible manner.

Try the doing same with those bloggers and you WILL be surprised!

Don't just read one post and do take time to read their replies.

They are decent guys.

It is thru this kind of engagement with those bloggers that you will agree with me, in time.

Thanks and feel free to express and query any time.

Freddie Kevin said...

* One can be pro-BN meaning pro-Govt and yet not be pro-UMNO.