Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let What's His Namewee Prick Do His Thing

Shit For Brains or What's His Name Prick

Outspoken blogger satD does not mince words and respected OutSyed the Box says it like it is - the Govt pussy footing, this diseased specimen.

Yes, I concur with those bloggers on all counts.

Post title asides, no more free publicity from me.

My Initial reactions were putting up a post with all the expletives in the numerous languages beknown to me to spew upon this useless piece of perverted mentality.

But then as they say, I would be no better than the other guy.

It dawned upon me then to ask who or what is his audience.

The primary educated, the secondary educated, the tertiary educated?

The uneducated?

The decent, the depraved?

Freedom loving civil society ala NGOs?

The Academics, the dunces, the curious?

The Malays, Indians or dan lain lain like me?

The MCAs, the DAPs?

The Dong Jiao Zongs?

Getting my drift?

Let him have his claim to fame.

Let him be the new Chinese image.

Give him attention and you WILL let him.

Ignore him and like the pesky fraudulent begging monk preying on the unsuspecting ignorant, he will go away.


Let the great new alternative medium of the world wide web, proclaim him the iconic Chinese 1Malaysian of the race he represents in Malaysia, to the whole wide world.

1 comment:

Freddie Kevin said...

@Silvanus Raj

Thanks for your email.

I publish all comments but as I said no more free publicity from me.

You are free to choices and opinions. One man's meat is another man's pork.

After the prick's cuckoo national anthem and TNB antics, I gave your vid a pass.

Thank you again.