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Lim Kit Siang - Chinese Support for the PAS’ Struggle of an Islamic State will only give UMNO an Opportunity to Seriously Implement an Islamic State

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"Chinese support for the PAS’ struggle of an Islamic State in the coming general elections will only give UMNO an opportunity to seriously implement an Islamic State in Malaysia after the polls"

Speech by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, at the Petaling Jaya Old Town Branch committee meeting at Petaling Jaya on Thursday, April 24, 1986 at 8 pm, here.

Full transcript,

*"There is a strange and common political activity in Chinese organisations, associations and societies recently, for there is a concerted plan by an organised group to get the Chinese to come out in support of PAS in the next general elections.

The people behind this campaign were the ones who, in the 2008 general elections, supported a Pakatan Rakyat strategy of ‘Attack into the Pakatan to rectify the Pakatan’. This 2008 strategy has proved to be a great failure, for it not only failed to rectify the Pakatan Rakyat in its nation-building policies, the Malaysian Chinese find that their political, economic, educational, social, cultural and religious rights never experienced such unprecedented and wide-ranging erosion in 8 years since 2003 as compared to the 46 years from 1957 to 2003.

*For the coming general elections, these people have a new strategy, to support PAS, purportedly to ‘change government’.

These people had brought ‘disaster’ to the people in the 2008 general elections because of their catastrophic strategy. What is there to ensure that this new strategy of theirs, to mobilise Chinese support for PAS to the extent of even fighting other Chinese, would not be even more disastrous and datastrophic than their 2008 gambit?

These people must be the only non-Muslims in the world who are openly advocating the Islamic State concept of PAS. These people are not bothered or concerned about the meaning of an Islamic State, but only interested in supporting PAS in the urban areas to split the Chinese voters, either the DAP or PKR candidates.

*These people are not bothered that in an Islamic state, non-Muslims cannot be entrusted with the responsibility of framing the general policy of the State, or dealing with matter vital to its safety and integrity; and cannot be Members of Parliament, Assemblymen, Ministers, Prime Minster’ or even be top government officials or judges.

*These people are not bothered that in an Islamic State, the present Constitution would have to be scrapped, replaced by an Islamic Constitution based on the Koran, and where only Muslims can interpret and amend the Constitution.

*These people are not bothered that in an Islamic State, the people will cease to have the voting rights as at present, for in an Islamic State, non-Muslims cannot vote to influence the national direction or the laws. This is because in an Islamic State, power is no more derived from the people (as at present) but from the Koran!

These people are only interested in giving support to the PAS struggle of an Islamic State so long as in the urban areas, it would split Chinese voters to enable DAP and PKR candidates to win by default!

Although these people want the Chinese organisations, associations and societies to support the PAS in the next general elections, on the ground that with such support PAS could translate its present few Members of Parliament a greater number of MPs in next general elections to form the next national government, you must believe it.

These people do not believe it themselves, for all they want is to deny Barisan Nasional from winning and to help PAS or PKR candidates. PAS does not believe it, but it does the Islamic party no harm to have a group of very enthusiastic non-Muslim Chinese running around in Chinese society selling the PAS’ objective of an Islamic State even though only by a Pakatan Rakyat consensus.

The PKR is not very upset, for it is sure of forming the next government, with the BN chances in the next general elections undermined by these group of PAS supporters in the Chinese community.

In fact, if the Malaysian Chinese demonstrate that they give some measure of support to the PAS’ struggle of an Islamic State in the coming general elections, when PAS together with PKR comes to power, it would have the justification and opportunity to seriously implement an Islamic State in Malaysia after the polls.

We must not forget that there are also people in PKR who want to establish an Islamic State. Voices calling for an Islamic State is not only heard from PAS, but also from inside PKR, demanding the replacement of the present Malaysian Constitution with an Islamic Constitution.

*In September 1985, when opening a seminar on Concept of the Islamic State in Petaling Jaya, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, said that the creation of an Islamic State would take tens of years, and the first step would be to make Islam the official religion.

If these strategists succeed in getting some Chinese electoral support for PAS, the PAS or PAS-sponsored candidate wins (and even worst, cause the Barisan to lose), it will be a signal to Pas and those in PKR that it could shorten the time span for establishment of an Islamic State in Malaysia.

When this happens, who is to blame but the Chinese and these ‘election strategists’ who want the Chinese to support PAS against the Barisan, and who in 2008, wanted the voters to support the opposition against BN?

I would call on these people who are working for the PAS cause for the coming general elections to come out openly to explain to the Malaysian Chinese community why they are supporting the cause of an Islamic State in Malaysia. Can they also support an Islamic State by the PAS/PKR Government after the next general elections?"

Yes, it is NOT the actual speech by DAP Supremo, Lim Kit Siang.

It is a remastered version for a same difference.

To compare click link at the beginning for the original text.

*Note: Italicised paragraphs in bold are unedited from the original. Food for deeper thought.

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