Friday, November 11, 2011

Tony Pua - Open Mouth Talk Cock..Again

Synchronicity is a funny thing.

I was reading something quite humorous about Tony the Tompel Pua's qualifications, which I will post later on, sure enough Tompel Tony opens his mouth and talk cock again.

The opposition disposed portal The Malaysian Insider, in a sensational report "Pua claims harmful bacteria in 1Malaysia goods"
"A test of the products from two certified labs detected the presence of E. Coli, and a higher than permitted amount of coliform in the 1 Malaysia-branded fresh milk, DAP publicity chief Tony Pua told reporters outside one of the outlets in Bandar Tun Razak today."
Hello Tompel Tony, What Is E. Coli
Several types of E. coli exist as part of the normal flora of the human gut and have several beneficial functions, such as the production of vitamin K2. They also prevent harmful bacteria, known as pathogenic bacteria, from establishing themselves in the intestine

Most E. coli strains pose no harm to human health, except for serotype O157:H7, which can cause food poisoning in humans and can become life-threatening. Other less common serotypes, such as O104:H4, O121, O26, O103, O111, O145,and O104:H21 can also cause serious infection.
You sure know one. Don't tell me you don't know mehhh.

If the e-coli was the more harmful and serious strain, 0157:H7, you go to TMI only ah? The whole wide world and the WWW would know by now.

Don't forget to wash your hands, ok. You know one, here got how.

Jack of all trades. Now become health inspector. You good lah.

At least you are doing something up your alley.

Keep it up. Only thing, don't open mouth talk cock.


Sorry folks. Went and had a smoke.

Tompel Tony is an Oxford PPE grad. Blogger just found out why Tompel Tony named his blog as such.

Anyway, dunno whether Tompel did post graduate stuff but five years ago in his 2006 Annual Report,
Tony holds a second class (division one) honours Bachelor of Arts degree (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) from Keble College, Oxford University on a scholarship from MTC Foundations in 1994.
MTC Foundations hmmm. Malaysian Tobacco Company..never mind.

Here's the humour.
When it comes to a degree, students are likely to be aiming for a Geoff Hurst (a first), but are more likely to end up with a Trevor Nunn (2:1) or a Desmond - as in Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2:2).

But those who have been absent from too many lectures, may find themselves with a Douglas Hurd (a third) or worse still, a Dan Quayle (fail).

Dear Tompel Tony,

I know you patronise Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia, being patriotic.

As the DAP designated health inspector, can you please also check Carrefour, Jusco, Giant, Tesco, burger stalls, Victoria Station, Uncle Chilis, TGIF etc etc.

For me ah, the burger stalls first. Can ah? My son loves Ramli burger.

Added 3.00 pm

Oops Malaysiakini also got.

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