Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim Screwing Around Again "and this time I'm not going to jail"

That he is a sodomite has been well documented even when was freed from Sodomy I.

Indeed it was it was his own lead counsel,Karpal Singh, that exposed his misdeed.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

The farkers sexual preferences, proclivity or whatever, is his own farking business.

It is the farking man himself that is just farking too much to stomach.

I have said it before and I say it again.

I wish and hope that he will get off Sodomy II.

Anwar Ibrahim is nothing but talk only.


Needs Arseholes Talk Only.

That the man not only screws but screws things up like "IMF without IMF" is but only one of his many screwing around.

Stop The Lies gives the latest of the Uprincipled One.

Anwar talks about justice but he now needs his arseholes to subvert justice.

Not only screwing with justice but harmonious peace.

This the justice that Anwar will dispense, from Wikileaks "ANWAR TELLS DIPLOMATS HIS FUTURE IS PRIME MINISTER",
he vowed that once in power he would strike back at those involved in the current "frame-up," and then immediately clarified that they would face legal consequences.
Knowing the farker, we all know what the farker means when he "strikes back"..means he'll screw you nice and proper.

and as to the farkers latest 901 gambit,
In his presentation, Anwar, looking energetic and confident, laid out a general proposition that given political conditions in Malaysia under UMNO party rule, he would either become Prime Minister or go to jail, "and this time I'm not going to jail."


Dave Avran said...


I feel off my chair laughing!

"Needs Arseholes Talk Only"

Classic, Mr Freedom. Well said indeed.

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Dave,

See, now even the indomitable Raja Pet calls DSAI, NATO.

Of course more eloquently than me.