Saturday, December 17, 2011

Catholics Will Not Support Barisan Nasional Part II

With opposition sycophants securely positioned and primed to influence actions of the Christian community, even in accommodating citizens pleas to moderate preventive laws like the Peaceful Assembly Bill, these rabid zombies will find a religious angle to crucify the Govt.

I was extremely upset when my daughter mentioned in passing, of a conversation she overheard, that carolling needed a permit. I told my daughter not to bring up a matter that was untrue and to find out for herself first and if were true then it would be appropriate for mention.

This matter had been a subject post by blogger Hantulaut and I commented with a rebuttal from the IGP in the matter.

As in that post I call upon any reader to provide me a link to any report confirming the allegation.

If this allegation is proven to be accurate, it can only be the following:

1. The police officers are ignorant of the law
2. The police officers are narrow minded bigots
3. The police officers are closet opposition supporters

Item 3 will convince me, just like opposition agents provocateurs having tentacles in Christendom, there are like thinking elements within the administration to frustrate it's initiatives, thereby invoking further contempt towards the Govt.

In the charge to topple the ruling party, opposition sullied Christendom and internal subversion within the administration will gratuitously be given the widest glare of negative publicity by the other rabid opposition element ad hominem, The Malaysian Insider.

That the allegation of carolling permit being conditional is given wider attention in this TMI report, necessitates this post.
"The case comes on the heels of a recent drama over the police’s extra conditions for carolling permits on two South Klang churches less than two weeks ago."
I came to know about the appointment of a new principal for Convent Bukit Nenas in a letter published in the Sundaily yesterday, where it expresses some concerns. The letter (it seem disjointed) is posted here today. Quote said letter,
“The assignment and deployment of teachers for these schools, especially the head teacher, should be done only after consultation between the personnel management authority and the boards of these schools”

"Furthermore, during a dialogue session with heads of churches in Kota Kinabalu in 1998, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the government would continue to honour these terms."
My point is this.

Is this another opposition oriented action by a Govt official? Surely not. But it results in the same effect.

I have have great respect and confidence in our Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin.

As this matter comes under the purview of Tan Sri Muhyddins's ministry, and in view of opposition covert schemes prologued, it would be incumbent upon Tan Sri in his wisdom as Education Minister to look into and resolve this matter.

To be fair, even if it is not established whether Rev Father Bishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam had pursued formal channels for any grievance, the Rev Father is appealing for a review of the appointment.

Let no other party exploit this issue.

It is only the opposition maniacs who seek capital and gain in amplifying this issue.

That being said, I have to stand by the Church in this matter if established procedures and practices were not adhered to.

And, I will have greater respect for the Education Minister and an even greater confidence in my Deputy Prime Minister, should the matter be resolved.


Charles F Moreira said...

This permit for caroling parties is too much and I'm sure will drive many Christians to vote opposition.

Freddie Kevin said...

@ Charles FM,

This is the Staronline report and I find it as no surprise that issues was raised by non other Father Lawrence of The Herald.

In all fairness to Fr Lawrence, the Star reports,

"Lawrence, who is also editor of Catholic weekly The Herald, said implementation of such requirements did not appear to be standardised, with some districts employing stricter rules compared to others."

This would mean parishes complying but there was a matter of consistency.

That the IGP had come out officially on the matter sh0uld put matters to rest.