Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Malaysian Insider and Simon Tisdall Ad Hominem

What can anyone say about The Malaysian Insider that has not already been said? These guys are the ultimate trolls, trolling every nook and cranny for anything and everything that tarnishes our country.

TMI's latest discovery is a "top" Guardian Simon assistant editor Tisdall piece.

This blog article, "Simon Tisdall - dishonest intelligence stooge?" concludes,
Why not? This is outrageous, yet again, presenting as fact unsubstantiated claims. Neither was there any mention of El Baradei's recent statement reported by your own newspaper that there is "no credible evidence" that Iran is developing nuclear weapons".
"The article in the Guardian by Simon Tisdall, “A Surge in Accusations”, July 24 (1), appears on the same day the second round of Iran-US talks begins, and is the second article in just over two months by Simon Tisdall using unsubstantiated allegations ascribed to anonymous sources accusing Iranian government of complicity in the violence in Iraq."
Wise men think alike but fools seldom differ.

Update 3.10pm

Jon Pilger in "Iran’s nuclear threat is a lie",
"Based on unsubstantiated claims by the Pentagon, the writer Simon Tisdall presented as fact an Iranian "plan" to wage war on, and defeat, US forces in Iraq by September of that year - a demonstrable falsehood for which there has been no retraction.

The official jargon for this kind of propaganda is "psy-ops", the military term for psychological operations. In the Pentagon and Whitehall.."

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