Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tun Mahathir - Did Not Request Any Money From World Bank

Quote an asshole piece of shit, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli, in the other shithole portal The Malaysian Insider,

"PKR does not want to prolong this issue We merely want to produce facts to correct Tun Dr Mahathir's assertions before this which were clearly lies" he said.

The Tun's remark which the PKR piece of shit is referring to as alluded by TMI,

"As far as I can remember, and I have not forgotten, I never sent any request for any money, not during the financial crisis or even after that. I had just criticised the World Bank, then I ask money from them for what? I would be stupid,"

Yes, Tun Mahathir is quoted the same in the NST as well.

Let's get to what shitty TMI reports as well,

"Yesterday PKR produced World Bank records showing that Dr Mahathir's administration had accepted financial aid numerous times from May 18 1982 to Malaysia's post-financial crisis period of March 30 1999 This includes three loans for projects inked six months after Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as deputy prime minister in September 1998"

The World Bank did approve 3 loans to Malaysia all on 30 March of 1999 -

1. Social Sector Support Project USD 60 million, 2.Year 2000 Technical Assistance Project USD 100 million and 3.Education Sector Support Project USD 244 million.

Worth mentioning, under PKR Defecato Anwar's watch as Minister of Finance, the world Bank had approved in Jun 1998 a USD 300 million Economic Recovery and Social Sector Loan.

The first two loans were subsequently cancelled but the Education Sector Support Project loan was utilised.

Looking at the dates one would get the impression that it was the Tun that had requested the Education Sector Support Project loan as Minister of Finance but a deeper look will tell you otherwise.

Look under Project Development Objective and you find this,

"In July 1998, after a five year hiatus in borrowing, the Government of Malaysia (GOM) requested Bank assistance for the education sector."

Who was the Minister of Finance at that time?

As far as I am concerned the Tun is telling the truth.


zlkmhd said...

hey man

i think it's kinda low that the opposition is going after tun. come on la...who are they compared to him. i can accept he did some mistakes in the past but u know its in the past so what? it doesn't help with the opposition credibility to go after him like this. i would rather they spend time doing something useful/better than BN to show they could be a candidate for government..but if they act like this..aiseyyy

Snuze said...

Hah! When dah tak ada modal, reka!

Those lousy so-and-so.

I am soooo glad Anwar Ibrahim never made it to Putrajaya. He'd have run Malaysia to the ground.


Freddie Kevin said...

Hi zlkmhd,

Thank you for your comment.

One of the past "mistakes" is the Twin Towers. Every time I pass by the iconic building it gives me great pride. Anyone thinking otherwise must be sick or plain hypocrites.

I can go on and on and justify many of the Tun's past mistakes as you say and also as you say thats in the past.

Going after the Tun is expected as there are indications that he will campaign for BN http://bit.ly/uvbj5d

Appreciate your dropping by.

Best wishes

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

The others better be careful what they wish for.

My opinion, I hope the "Malaysia Spring" enthisiast get off on a technicality or whatever in Sodomy II. I am sorry for the complainant.

Don't give the Defecato Leader excuse to run the Govt down.

Thats the only way they can expect another "tsunami".

Danke and as always the very best to you.