Monday, February 28, 2011

Anwar-Great Orator, No Substance

If it is one thing that no one denies it is that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is an outstanding orator.

But with clever semantic manipulation for dramatic effect and at a closer look, no substance. His recent speech in Phnom Penh is dissected here with its misconceptions and inaccuracies. He said,

"Indeed, regardless of the locus of the upheaval, where the formula for repressive rule is founded on the suppression of dissent by state controlled organs, such as the police, security forces or the military, the powers that be can only continue to be so as long as these organs do their bidding. As we witnessed in Tunisia, and then more significantly in Egypt, when these organs malfunction, or refuse to do their bidding, the entire substratum of control collapses enabling the people to progress from mere assemblies of protest to a virtual behemoth of regime change."

This article severely dents and in fact contradicts Anwar's assertion. The Tunisian military not only had a considerable role in toppling the previous Govt but will have a significant role for a future one.

"The best-case scenario is a move toward a liberal democracy. The worst case is a perpetual state of chaos, followed by another autocratic or even theocratic regime. Whatever the final result, it is clear that the Tunisian army will have a significant role in shaping the future of this North African state."

While Hosni Mubarak has resigned, the country is still led by the military and as far as Yemen, Bahrain and Libya is concerned, don't hold your breath.

"Egyptians want the military junta-led government to resign and immediately release all political prisoners. They're outraged by no reforms, and because Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq reshuffled his cabinet, leaving Mubarak cronies in power."

This interview gives a reader insights into the Egyptian upheaval but in that interview is an interesting remark,

"At the same time, one of the first communiqués by the army stated clearly and unequivocally that Egypt will honor all its treaties and all its international covenants that it has signed up to. At the end of the day, it's the army."

Yes the leaders in Tunisia and Egypt has been deposed but while Anwar exhorts "a virtual behemoth of regime change" there is actually NO behemoth change in regime, the Military regime.

Anwar further says,

"The problems that plague the Middle Eastern nations are no different from those affecting other parts of the world under autocratic regimes."

Accentuating "Middle Eastern" and lines that follow in that paragraph is indeed clever but alas misleading in his context. The Middle East is described as countries of southwest Asia and northeast Africa. The most notable uprisings are occurring in Tunisia and Libya, both North African countries. Only Egypt can be considered northeast Africa.

If one were to scrutinise southwest Asia, hot spots in the region do not show considerable unrest and discord save for Bahrain and Yemen.

I will stop at this point for the moment.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Human Rights Action Party Rally

The Human Rights Action Party should have had the rally held in a stadium. They could have booked any stadium in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and upon confirmation apply for the permit.

Surely, a permit would have been granted as this would allow the police to provide adequate protection and keep any situation under better control.

In rejecting a permit in their appeal Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Pahlawan Zulkifli Abdullah is reported to have added

"the police would reconsider if the party were to suggest a different venue and there was no likelihood of a situation being created that would jeopardise public order."

The Selangor State Government as a PR coalition has had numerous rallies permitted. Seeing as the State Government news portal considers this rally important enough to have it published on its site, its facilities would readily have been (and still can be) made available to HRAP.

Did they do this?

If they had done so then as quoted in that same news portal report..

"Menurut Uthayakumar, ketika pertemuan dengan Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi pihaknya telah memaklumkan akan mengikuti segala peraturan termasuk berjanji perarakan tersebut tidak akan menjejaskan perniagaan dan lalu lintas di kawasan terbabit."

..the promise on business and traffic disruption does not arise.

But disruption has happened before.

I say, allow this rally. In fact, allow all peaceful rallies, protests and demonstrations. No worries, all organisers will guarantee, pledge and promise no disruption of any kind and that no untoward calamity will occur. Nothing will happen. If it does, blame the police, agents provocateurs, extremists, ultras, hidden hands and the weather.

Free from requiring permit..

KTM komuter delayed again, lets rally.

Price of fuel gone up (expect it soon), lets protest.

Astro is a monopoly, lets demonstrate.

Broadband services suck, lets protest.

Mallott is meddling, lets demonstrate.

Price of sugar inexplicably go up or short in supply on festive seasons, lets protest.

The RCI on TBH is of no use, lets protest.

The bank gives preferential treatment to VIP customers over us regular customers, lets protest.

I love Tun MM, in appreciation for all he has done for my country, lets rally.

Taxis are fleecing us, lets demonstrate.

Petronas should not be subsidising the rakyat, lets protest.

Valentines day must be made a holiday, lets rally.

Wikileaks is all cock and bull, lets demonstrate.

Public listed companies are not making enough money for the shareholders, lets protest.

Too many by-elections, lets rally.

Crime rate is down and the police now not enough assignments, lets demonstrate.

Tourists are by-passing Malaysia, lets protest.

Not enough peace loving citizens, lets rally, protest and demonstrate.

If anyone has a grouse, you have my support and we'll have a rally, protest and demonstrate. The more the merrier. Give me a reason to avoid work, for fear or to partake.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Caught Out By The Net by Oon Yeoh, The Sun

A rather amusing thing seem to have happened in regards to the above titled drivel in The Sun 16 Feb 2011

I had wanted to immediately comment but just gave it a skip.

That claptrap piece, as events would suggest, did however solicit a response from Mr Philip Markus, who asked "Where is the contradiction?" The Sun 21 Feb 2011

While Mr Markus rightly pointed to defects of Mr Oon's premise, I wanted to express why Oon should single out Tun Mahathir for his piece.

Which led me to submit a letter, to The Sun, agreeing with Mr Markus and my proposition that he singled out Tun Mahathir because of political proclivity. That of the Opposition, namely the DAP. Note that Oon saw it fit to include Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang as one of the failed analogies.

This my letter to The Sun, submitted on the same day of Mr Markus' published response, 21 Feb 2011

I refer to "Caught out by the Net" (Oon Time, Feb 16).

The writer has taken a shallow pot-shot at our former premier. His piece is clearly biased and bespeaks a disdain towards Tun Mahathir. The article is reckless to say the least.

Mr Philip Markus "Where is the contradiction? Feb 21" has rightly faulted the writer's assertions.

Further more it does not take a rocket scientist (a pun intended here) to see, in that article, where the writer's political inclinations lie (another pun intended).

The writer's political leaning is suitably substantiated in the his Wikepedia descriptive -

"Yeoh is widely regarded as the country's first political blogger, having launched his "Transitions" blog on Malaysiakini on January 1, 2003. Jeff Ooi started his blog "Screenshots" one day later on January 2, 2003. Both of them considered each other as sparring partners on the nascent blogging scene, often responding to each other's blog and cross-linking each other's postings."

While it is the prerogative of The Sun, everyone and anyone to express their views and opinion, it should be evinced in a fair and balanced manner.

"While various existing codes have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of - truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability - as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public." - Wikepedia on journalism ethics and standards.

"Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society's principles and standards of practice." - Code of Ethics, US Society of Professional Journalists.

Perhaps this is something Mr Oon Yeoh should realise and consider before writing more articles.

Links for that letter is now included here.

My letter quoting journalistic ethics was to meant for Oon to have a fair and balanced view or comment hence "While it is the prerogative of The Sun, everyone and anyone to express their views and opinion, it should be evinced in a fair and balanced manner." and as a passing shot mocking Oon "Perhaps this is something Mr Oon Yeoh should realise and consider before writing more articles."

My letter was not published on the 22 Feb and even today 23 Feb.

All the time I was thinking that my letter might have been deemed unsuitable for print.

But surprise, surprise, in The Sun today, there in all its flattery, is a tribute to Unker Lim Kit Siang 70 years young.

Apparently The Sun could not publish my letter could they? For that would have meant that The Sun might have had to shelve Oon's latest glorification because my letter did express his political inclination and I would be vindicated!

This of course is an assumption on my part BUT NOT the part on where Oon's political leaning is.

If readers can be so kind, to further my assertion on Oon's love for the DAP, GE 2008 rally photos courtesy of his good self , please send me a working link "3 Hot Days in Penang (Day 1) — DAP Rocks Penang by Oon Yeoh." the link does not work.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So the meddler Mr Malott is threatening to sue.

If there is anybody who should be sued for libel or slander, it should be the meddler himself, for having maligned ALL Malaysians. His commentary headlined "The Price of Malaysia's Racism" is incontrovertible proof. It is an affront and demeans Malaysians.

I do not know whether he is still employed in the diplomatic service because if he was, his boss Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and the US Govt, begs to differ.

Clinton Praises Religious Tolerance in Malaysia

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is praising Malaysia’s commitment to religious tolerance as she visits the Muslim-majority country."

referenced from a joint press conference, the actual quote reads:

"We already have a strong partnership based on common values like respect for cultural diversity, pluralism, religious tolerance, along with our very important trade, business, and investment ties. We know that Malaysia is a leader in this region, and as I said earlier in the event at ISTAC, increasingly being looked to as both a thought leader and a model globally.

The United States wholeheartedly endorses Prime Minister Najib’s call to promote religious moderation."

Read in another context, His Ex-cellency's comment could be construed to be inciting racial hatred.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time - Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hari Maulidur-Rasul


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