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BERSIH Shit - Biometrics and Indelible Ink

I have again and again pointed out that no matter what evidence you provide, the dunggus and lembus, the so called educated like Marina Mahathir and the "learned academicians" will not and choose not to accept/believe.

Idiots and hypocrites.

Even when the BERSHIT have been proven to be foreign funded for specific agendas and thereby false, also by the inclusion of 4 "demands" that has got nothing to do with the Election Commission, these fools and hypocrites will continue with their idiocy.

Even though the BERSHIT has been debunked, the bastard entity and the ever exploiting fuckatans are now aggressively advocating the use of Quinks, indelible of course.

Never mind that it has been proven to be open to abuse and more so the EC has explained that it's use is ultra vires the Federal Constitution.

My advise, stop contributing to EPF.

With all the the deliberate skepticism and criticism of it's eventual implementation, you had better demand your boss to stop deducting your salary to the EPF.

The Biometric system is so prone to manipulation that YOUR money and the BILLIONS of Ringgit in the EPF is not safe.

When you reach the withdrawal age, the EPF will ask for your biometric Mykad to determine you are not a phantom contributor. That you are not dead.

"The security features incorporated as part of the Multi-Application Smart Terminals serve to minimise fraudulent transactions when applying for government and commercial services, such as passports, credit cards, EPF and money withdrawals."

Especially the Daddy Warbucks salary earning. You better go check your EPF balance at the nearest EPF smart kiosk. It's not safe, they say.

"Biometrics provides a secure and reliable means over
traditional authentication method."

Or you can go to an "EASY" branch where you can also apply for a loan.

Processing time below ten minutes and no forms to fill. The main advantage of EASY is that it is extremely convenient and fast. All transactions are paperless and can be completed within ten minutes. The breakthrough application is the ability to approve loans and disburse cash within ten minutes without compromising credit quality. This is only possible in Malaysia with a combination of the following:
(1) Use of MyKAD - Every Malaysian citizen carries an identity card (known as MyKAD), which has a microchip embedded that stores detailed personal information. Each loan applicant is required to scan his/her MyKAD together with a fingerprint biometric scan to verify the cardholder's identity.
(2) EPFs database - Through its collaboration with EPF, RHB is able to link up with the EPF database to gain instant access to salary and savings records of loan applicants.
(3) Credit bureau - Malaysia also has a well-established credit bureau that has been in operation since 1982 with comprehensive credit information on all borrowers in the banking system. With the MyKAD, RHB is able to tap the credit bureau database to check on the credit exposure and debt service record of loan applicants

Why are the fuckatans not mentioning the wide use of Biometric technology in the EPF as proof of easy manipulation and fraud?

Proof again the BERSHIT and the exploiting fuckatan parties call for Quink use is another scam, a History Supreme proportion hoax, to fool the unsuspecting.

Their supporters being fools don't suspect.

The educated and so called "learned academicians" are hypocrites.

They know but look or pretend to be unsuspecting.

Bloody fucking hypocrites.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malaysia’s Bersih & the Facade of "Clean Elections"

Full article.


In reality, Bersih’s leadership along with Anwar and their host of foreign sponsors are attempting to galvanize the very real grievances of the Malaysian people and exploit them to propel themselves into power. While many may be tempted to suggest that “clean and fair elections” truly are Bersih and Anwar’s goal, and that US funding via NED’s NDI and billionaire bankster George Soros’ Open Society are entirely innocuous, a thorough examination of these organizations, how they operate, and their admitted agenda reveals the proverbial cliff Bersih is leading its followers and the nation of Malaysia over.

NED, NDI, IRI, Freedom House are run by warmongering imperialists

We begin our thorough examination of these organizations with a look at the board of directors of NED, which funds NDI and who, judging by their supposed mission to support “freedom around the world,” should be filled with Nobel Peace Prize laureates, accomplished diplomats, and definitive examples of democracy in action. Instead, we have John Bohn who traded petrochemicals, was an international banker for 13 years with Wells Fargo, and is currently serving as a principal for a global advisory and consulting firm, GlobalNet Partners, which assists foreign businesses by making their “entry into the complex China market easy.” Surely Bohn’s ability to manipulate China’s political landscape through NED’s various activities both inside of China and along its peripheries constitutes an alarming conflict of interests. However, it appears “conflict of interests” is a reoccurring theme throughout both NED and Freedom House.

Bohn is joined by Rita DiMartino who worked for Council on Foreign Relations corporate member ATT as “Vice President of Congressional Relations” as well as a member of the CFR herself. Also representing the Fortune 500 is Kenneth Duberstein, a board member of the war profiteering Boeing Company, big oil’s ConocoPhillips, and the Mack-Cali Realty Corporation. Duberstein also served as a director of Fannie Mae until 2007. He too is a CFR member as are two of the companies he chairs, Boeing and ConocoPhillips.

We then consider several of the certified warmongers serving upon NED’s board of directors including Francis Fukuyama, Zalmay Khalilzad, Will Marshall, and Vin Weber, all signatories of the pro-war, pro-corporate, utterly insane Project for a New American Century. Within the pages of documents produced by this “think tank” are pleas to various US presidents to pursue war against sovereign nations, the increase of troops in nations already occupied by US forces, and what equates to a call for American global hegemony in a Hitlerian 90 page document titled “Rebuilding Americas Defenses.” As we will see, this warmongering think tank serves as a nexus around which fellow disingenuous “rights advocate” Freedom House also gravitates.

The “Statement of Principles,” signed off by NED chairmen Francis Fukuyama, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Vin Weber, states, “we need to accept responsibility for America’s unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.” Of course by “international order” they mean meddling beyond the sovereign borders of the United States and is merely used as a euphemism for global imperialism. Other Neo-Con degenerates that signed their name to this statement include Freedom House’s Paula Dobriansky, Dan Quayle (formally), and Donald Rumsfeld (formally), along with Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Eliot Cohen, and Elliot Abrams.

A PNAC “Statment on Post-War Iraq” regarding a wholehearted endorsement of nation-building features the signatures of NED chairman Will Marshall, Freedom House’s Frank Carlucci (2002), and James Woolsey (formally), along with Martin Indyk (Lowy Institute board member, co-author of the conspiring “Which Path to Persia?” report), and William Kristol and Robert Kagan both of the warmongering Foreign Policy Initiative. It should be noted that the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) is, for all intents and purposes, PNAC’s latest incarnation and just recently featured an open letter to House Republicans calling on them to disregard the will of the American people and continue pursuing the war in Libya. The FPI letter even suggests that the UN resolution authorizing the war in the first place, was holding America “hostage” and that it should be exceeded in order to do more to “help the Libyan opposition.”

An untitled PNAC letter addressed to then US President George Bush regarding a general call for global warmongering received the seal of approval from Freedom Houses’ Ellen Bork (2007), Ken Adelman (also former lobbyist for Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra via Edelman), and James Woolsey (formally), along with Neo-Con degenerates Richard Perle, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, and the always disingenuous demagogue Daniel Pipes.

It is safe to say that the National Endowment for Democracy is not interested in any shape, form, or way in “supporting freedom around the world,” nor Malaysia’s “clean and fair elections,” but rather leveraging these ideals to establish an insidious, self-serving, global corporate oligarchy. Within the confines of PNAC, and its successors, the Foreign Policy Initiative and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, these supposed “democracy and human rights advocates” have engineered and promoted the continuation of the most obscene and horrendous chapters of mass murder, invasion, occupation, and unrelenting war in recent human history.

NED’s long reach: Thai protesters in Bangkok rallied at the Malaysian Embassy on behalf of Bersih protesters that were arrested preceding the July 9th rally in Kuala Lumpur. The event was covered by NED-funded Prachatai, featuring NED-funded protesters drawn from the “People’s Empowerment Foundation,” protesting on behalf of NED’s NDI-funded Bersih movement in Malaysia.

In turn, NED, an organization that Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim is an active participant in, funds a myriad of propagandists and sub-funding arms, most notably Freedom House, the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute which is on record funding Malaysia’s Bersih movement. Disingenuous, warmonger-infested advocacy groups like Freedom House have been relentlessly campaigning in support of Bersih. A selection of their “reports” can be read below, and seen cited by the international corporate media to bolster Bersih’s non-existent legitimacy.

A selection of Freedom House’s rhetorical support for Malaysia’s Berish:

“Arrests in Advance of Rally for Electoral Reforms in Malaysia Raise Deep Concerns“
“Malaysian Government’s Brutal Crackdown Violates Fundamental Rights“
“Freedom of Association Under Threat: The New Authoritarians’ Offensive Against Civil Society“
“Letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Re: Malaysian Government Crackdown“

The Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations, a US based think tank that represents the collective interests and agenda of the Fortune 500 corporations that constitute its membership has also weighed in on Malaysia’s Bersih movement, decidedly behind the foreign-funded organization and applauding the division it is creating within Malaysian society. It should be noted that the CFR praises the “fine” coverage of Bersih by Australian National University’s New Mandala blog run by imposter-academic Andrew Walker. Walker in turn, has been recently caught denying his involvement with the Lowy Institute, yet another collection of fraud academics, fake journalists, and policy wonks all in the employ of the Fortune 500.

George Soros Open Society Institute (OSI)

George Soros’ Open Society Institute not only was cited by Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasan as having funded her opposition street-front, but is also funding a myriad of corporate agenda-serving “democracy and human rights advocacy” groups providing rhetorical support and contrived metrics cited by the corporate media to further lend Bersih legitimacy. Open Society funds NDI partner organization “Transparency International” which also receives funding from Exxon, General Electric, Shell, Pfizer, British Petroleum, HSBC Holdings, and Procter Gamble. Soros’ Open Society also funds Amnesty International (page 10) and Human Rights Watch which have both rushed to Bersih’s defense before, during, and after their July 9th street rally.

Soros-funded Human Rights Watch’s support for the Malaysian Bersih movement:

“Malaysia: Investigate Crackdown on Pro-Democracy March“
“Malaysia: End Crackdown on Peaceful Campaigners“
“Malaysia: Free 30 Peaceful Political Activists“
“Joint Letter to Prime Minister on Violations against Bersih 2.0“

It should be noted that the “joint letter” was signed off by fellow Soros and Fortune 500-funded Amnesty International, as well as NED, Soros, and Tides Foundation-funded International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).

Soros-funded Amnesty International’s support for the Malaysian Bersih movement:

“Malaysia: Further information: Repression continues after reform rally“
“Malaysia: Police use brutal tactics against peaceful protesters“
“Malaysia: Hundreds of Peaceful Protesters Arrested“
“Malaysia: Malaysian activists held in secret detention“
“Malaysia: MP, activists detained for protesting“
“Malaysia: End mass repression of pro-reform activists“
“Malaysia: Joint open letter: Human Rights Violations against Bersih 2.0“


If there was any doubt in one’s mind regarding the nature of the National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros’ Open Society, and the myriad of contrived self-appointed international arbiters serving the globalists’ agenda, who they support, and why, reading the signed confession put out by the Project for a New American Century, calling for American global hegemony should lay it to rest. Just as the British Empire and the Romans before them leveraged the concept of spreading “civilized society” to sell their aspirations of global conquest to an ignorant population, the modern Anglo-American corporate-financier oligarchy is leveraging the concepts of spreading “human rights,” “democracy,” and “freedom” to sell their emerging “international order.” This is an order described by Neo-Con degenerate Robert Kagan as serving “the needs of the United States and its allies, which constructed it,” and clearly not the liberal democratic utopia many progressive activists believe they are contributing to.

The modern day imperial networks building the Anglo-American corporate-financier “international order.”

Consider the insidious methods used by the Romans to pacify and conquer entire populations by “integrating” them into their own Roman “international order.”

‘His object was to accustom them to a life of peace and quiet by the provision of amenities. He therefore gave official assistance to the building of temples, public squares and good houses. He educated the sons of the chiefs in the liberal arts, and expressed a preference for British ability as compared to the trained skills of the Gauls. The result was that instead of loathing the Latin language they became eager to speak it effectively. In the same way, our national dress came into favour and the toga was everywhere to be seen. And so the population was gradually led into the demoralizing temptation of arcades, baths and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as ‘civilization’, when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement.’
Tacitus Annals of Imperial Rome, translated Michael Grant, Penguin 1956, 1975, page 72

Indeed the alleged “free and fair elections,” proposed to Malaysia by the likes of NED and Freedom House to be carried out by foreign-funded Bersih, are nothing more than features of Malaysia’s own enslavement. For a look into Malaysia’s future, one should consider Egypt’s recent turmoil – turmoil many Bersih supporters eagerly hold up as an inspiration for their current movement.

As Egyptians rallied to “free” themselves, they toppled a nationalist government and ushered in Mohammed ElBaradei, a stooge in full service of the United States via the International Crisis Group, alongside unlikely allies like the President of Israel Shimon Peres, Bank of Israel’s Stanley Fischer, and America’s geopolitical meddler Zbigniew Brzezinski. Just recently, Senator John McCain, chairman of the International Republican Institute, a NED-funded NGO on record for being behind the “Arab Spring,” took with him members of various Fortune 500 corporations for a tour of newly “freed” Cairo. Their agenda is “economic liberalization” and the total integration of Egypt’s once sovereign economy into the Anglo-American empire. Like the ancient British, the Egyptian youth are dazzled with their new Western trappings and their new liberal democracy, courtesy of the insidious, unseen tentacles emanating from the globalist oligarchy and led by a known agent of the West.

Malaysia faces similar crossroads and must decide for themselves if they will clean up their government themselves through pragmatism, truly independent grassroots activism, and technical solutions to solve the problems they face as a sovereign nation, or if they will follow a feckless, self-defeating political agenda manipulated and led by foreign interests, dividing and destabilizing their nation so that foreign powers can sweep into power their stooges and once again direct Malaysia’s destiny for them, to the benefit of no Malaysian.

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Malaysia Most Expensive Yacht In The World-It's True!

The original from Baia.

Yes, it's true. It's phony, fake, scam, con and whatever.

First stage doubts, "The £3 billion golden superyacht: real or fake?"
"Then there's the fact that by adding 100 metric tons to the craft's original 80-ton weight, it would be sitting so low in the water (or more likely under it) so as to make it unusable. Renowned motor boat designer Bernard Olesinski even went as far as to say there was only a "1% chance" of the boat being viable."

Then confirmation.

Mario Borselli, sales manager at Baia, told MBY: "Who would believe that a boat would have 100 tons of gold on board? They took some pictures from our website without our permission.
"We will write him a letter asking him to take them down, but we are not thinking to go legal.
It's such a stupid story it's not worth it."

Baia was earlier mentioned. "There is a comment with a link mentioned and is provided here"


Now you know why Robert Quok would not dignify the hoax with any comment.

Hardy Ha Ha.

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Utoeya Massacre, Norway. A Malaysian Citizen Perspective

Norway, once the most peaceful country in the world, has been wrecked by the most violent mass murder of it's citizens and subject to an act of terrorism by the same perpetrator, by one of it's own citizen.

Let's get things very clear first.

By all accounts, Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted to the heinous crimes, is an anti-Islam bigot, xenophobic, extreme right proponent of the Crusade and an opponent to multiculturalism.

All of the above attributes is descriptive of the person himself in his self authored doctrine. A tongue in cheek, 1513 page "2083-European Declaration of Independence", using an English nom de plume, Andrew Berwick.

The initial and expected response of the bombing in Oslo, preceding the massacre on the island of Utoyea, was to blame Islamic radicals.

"Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor at the Observer, says a jihadist group is most likely to be behind the blast.."

Events unfolding at the time and on Sunday, when I was alerted to the incidents, was only being reported by Al-Jazeera.

CNN and BBC must have already gathered information earlier that the culprit was a.. white Protestant.

I am absolutely certain if it had really been the work of "jihardists" these news media would be bombarding the waves, breaking news all over the place, at sprint and marathon pace.

It is important to mention here that even though the obtused Breivik ultra nationalist ideals and hate for Islam were motives for the attacks, it was his Government that was targeted by his violence and not the upon the Muslim populace in Norway, as reported by the same Peter Beaumont.

"Targeting government offices and the Labour party camp point to political agenda behind attacks rather than Islamist terrorism"

Particularly the ruling Norwegian Labour Party Government policies.

“The operation was not to kill as many people as possible but to give a strong signal that cannot be misunderstood,” he said. “As long as the Labour Party keeps driving its ideological line and keeps deconstructing Norwegian culture and mass-importing Muslims then it must assume responsibility for this treason. Any person with a conscience cannot allow his country to be colonised by Muslims.”

In fact the former Norwegian Labour Premier, Gro Harlem Brundtland, was the prime target on Utoeya.

"Anders Behring Breivik had plans to come to Utoeya (island) while Gro Harlem Brundtland was visiting on Friday, but claims under interrogation that he was delayed"

Breivic's demonic acts is undoubtedly political, arising out of a skewed sense of nationalism in an Islam phobic mind.

Knowing the Malaysian opposition penchant to spin any thread for their selfish political agenda, they will seize the opportunity from this tragedy, extrapolating their ultimate political and never as yet achieved goal, to be in power at all cost.

You can expect this Breivik perverted nationalist extremism to be fully exploited by the opposition camp in Malaysia, as a dangerous precedent and will pointing to the nationalist Ibrahim Ali of NGO, PERKASA.

And Ultimately demonising our former premier, Tun Mahathir, being the patron of PERKASA.

When before it was the racist Tun Mahathir card, it will now be a religious card, again.

Dangerous people, they will shout, for those who wish and want to hear.

They will fail.

While Breivik abhors and calls multiculturism shithole, present Prime Minister Datuk Najib, to forge greater unity among races in diverse, multicultural Malaysia, initiated 1Malaysia.

Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA supports Najib's 1Malaysia.

Brevik murdered for a perceived policy failure to prevent Islamic expansion.

As patron of PERKASA, Tun Mahathir stands for preserving the special position of the Malays, constitutionally enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia under Article 153 (1) and (2), by the independence of our country.

It has nothing to do with religion.

But because a Malay must be Muslim it will be misconstrued to have religious overtones by the expedient opposition.

From reports, Breivik's tweet 18 July 2011 quoting John Stuart Mill, immediately had me relating the quote to Ambiga and her illegitimate brainchild, BERSIH 2.

"One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests."

While Madam Ambiga ambiguously champions a dubious cause on a false premise that Malaysian elections are not freely and fairly held but duly rebutted, the opposition with their "thousands" for vested interests, has adopted the illegitimate brainchild as their own.

Indeed, in Malaysia, the coalition of the three major opposition parties, a motley crew with conflicting ideologies, called the People's Coalition, their pact is clearly one only for self interests.

The Democratic Action Party or DAP, is mainly Chinese supported and "secular". But just recently in April, it's elected Christian Federal and State representatives, exploiting Christian issues aggressively, obtained their best ever result of any election in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Gains were almost entirely from the the urban Chinese and Christian votes.

In contrast, a major partner, the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party or PAS, which aspires to establish an Islamic state, could not muster a single seat.

The third major "multicultural" partner but upper echelon is mainly Malay, the People's Justice Party or PKR, is led by a defacto leader plagued by immoral issues.

The president of the party is the wife of the defacto leader. The deputy president of the party is a very close friend of the defacto leader. A vice-president of the party is the daughter of the defacto leader.

Contesting 49 seats, it could only win 3.

While consistently accusing the ruling party of playing race and religion cards, it was evident pursuing Christian issues won the day for the opposition coalition in that election, mostly benefiting the Christian Chinese cadre assisted party, the DAP.

Diplomatic ties with the Catholic Holy See which will surely address these contentious Christian issues, has not gone down well, ironically among the opposition influenced Christian organisations.

"Many critics may view the establishment of these ties and the participation of the local hierarchy as a ‘selling out’ or radical change of position by the Church ” said the ecclesiastical assistant in the Archdiocesan Ministry of Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs AMEIA for the Catholic Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur

As a Catholic I was ashamed and appalled that the Archbishop could be accused of "selling out", confirming the extent of opposition infiltration of the Catholic church.

Then there was an inflammatory and totally false tweet from one @5Xmom,

"I think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord."

urging participation in the illegal BERSIH demonstration, prompted a Catholic blogger to make a police report, given the sensitive situation at that time.

As reports emerged of the demented Breivik being responsible for the senseless killing of fellow innocent citizens, here in Malaysia the danger of such an act happening is not inconceivable.

In Norway, it was not a member of an oppressed minority that caused carnage, Breivik was from the white Protestant majority.

In Malaysia however, for selfish political interests, it is not inconceivable that such a perpetrator may be from a minority group, Christian extremism being a contributing factor, not Islam.

Recommended source here.

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Malaysia Most Expensive Yacht-History Supreme Update

Updated 27 July 2011, Malaysia Most Expensive Yacht In The World-It's True!

Since everybody is going gaga over "Malaysia" most expensive yachting adventure, here are some interesting updates.

The following site going all overboard with the exciting revelation of History Supreme.

Check the comment section.


Same modus operandi scam, photoshop.

There is a comment with a link mentioned and is provided here and quote,
"Also, there is a flag at the back of the yacht that is definitely not Malaysian."

More here.

If you are wondering why Roman Abramovich's Eclipse pic is eclipsed by the Dubai, here's why.

"Content deleted on request from legal representatives of Roman Abramovich."


Supreme History will soon be history.



Original post

World's Most Expensive Yacht. As long as tagged Malaysian, bantai saja.

Original Story

"Talk about splashing out – an anonymous Malaysian businessman has spent £3billion on a yacht made from solid gold and platinum."

Do the maths.

"The History Supreme is the handiwork of Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes, who took three years to complete it."

Well I searched the the so-called jeweller, Stuart Hughes and what do you know, a con artist.

"This page was created to serve as fraud warning to future customers of two of our competitors: Goldstriker and Stuart Hughes. Upon two separate occasions once in 2008 and again in 2010, these companies have rebranded Computer Choppers product photos as their own in hopes of attracting a willing buyers of expensive products they do not create nor do they intend to until they have the customer's money securely in their pockets."

Payment by Pay-pal. Click purchase and add to shopping cart.

Another ROFLMAO.

Princess Diana Cover-Up

Now this is more real. Rather than incredulous billion dollar yachts, this report does not scam.

"A French judge wants to ask ex-Yard chief Lord Condon and Sir David Veness why they failed to disclose the existence of a note in which she predicted her assassination."

If yachts are your thing, the most expensive yachts in the world. and the largest.

The most expensive in 2006,at USD 300 million.

"531 feet make the mega yacht Dubai the largest private yacht in the world. Originally named Platinum 525, this yacht was commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1996, but a lack of funds caused the project to be abandoned a couple of years later. Then, in 2001, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, then Crown Prince and now ruler of Dubai, took over the yacht project, renaming it Golden Star. The mega yacht was finally completed in 2006, and at 300 million dollars (US) it was the most expensive yacht ever built."

Presently it's the Eclipse.

The Eclipse tops the list at 1.2 billion. while the Streets of Monaco is subject to skeptism by a familiar newsportal.

Latest news on yachts.

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Teoh Beng Hock Royal Commission Verdict-Karpal Singh Legally Spitting

Moral of a Prime Minister designate is inconsequential and does not necessitate an RCI.

"DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said an RCI should not be set up for “inconsequential” matters, stressing that the focus should instead be on Anwar’s police report."

Baby dumping is so rampant that it requires an RCI.

"DAP national chairman Karpal Singh renewed today his bid for Putrajaya to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry RCI to probe the spike in baby dumping and dismissed calls to enforce hudud law and the death penalty as solutions."

Thousands with Pakatan leaders who attended the gathering included DAP president Karpal Singh, Kelantan PAS deputy commissioner II Datuk Husam Musa, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, state exco member Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok, calling for an RCI.

A special gathering of DAP leaders over the death of Teoh Beng Hock pressed for the setting up of of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

However, the RCI is inferior.

“The verdict of suicide is unacceptable to the family ” Teoh family lawyer Karpal Singh told reporters at his office here “The RCI is an inferior tribunal in law and any decision made by an inferior tribunal is reviewable by the High Court.”

Dunggus and lembus excepted, see how academicians and the educated like Marina Mahathir can get fooled.

This as with the BERSHIT issue, when the Govt bend over backwards, it always get screwed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim-When The Malaysian Insider Spin Get Backside Burnt

Shannon Teoh will probably get an earful for an attempted spin, "Anwar: GE13 ours thanks to Bersih", gone awry. Anwar Ibrahim has captured the imagination of the opposhits and their comments are less than complimentry.

"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is confident of winning the country's next general election on the back of momentum fuelled by public anger over the Najib administration's clampdown on the July 9 Bersih rally."

What is actually reported by various online news portals by Eileen Ng of AP

"Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his three-party alliance could win general elections widely expected next year because its support has risen after a government crackdown on a rally for electoral reforms."

Anwar oh Anwar. Some savoury comments.
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+93 Vote up Vote down Sceptic · 6 hours ago
You said the same thing for the Sarawak elections!

+129 Vote up Vote down shuk · 6 hours ago
Even if PAKATAN win this coming election,I hope the one who will lead us wont be anwar,he's too much of a baggage,someone from PAS or DAP will be more appropriate or someone from PKR who is credible,clean and trustworthy,the daughter looks promising............. Report Reply
3 replies · active less than 1 minute ago

+29 Vote up Vote down DurianCake · 5 hours ago
I couldn't agree more. Coming out and saying all that he's saying now, to me, just reinforces what BN has been harping on about BERSIH being "opposition's ploy to overturn the govt". Now, I disagree with that completely because I believe BERSIH is in and of itself neutral and apolitical, but it can be used as a tool by the opposition to latch on to garner more support, which is what Anwar is doing right now! I say he should STOP! Do not tarnish the people's will, credibility and the magic of Bersih! I certainly don't want someone who doesn't know when to keep mum to lead us. I was all for Anwar the last GE, but now I'm afraid people have moved forward and he is a little bit of a has-been

+49 Vote up Vote down anonymous · 6 hours ago
please please please. as much as i support PR's cause, but i really dont like this GUY! he loves to brag, and in the end still no results!!! Report Reply
1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago

+4 Vote up Vote down akeng · 3 hours ago
I couldnt agree with you more. He did it on 16 September 2008, he did it in Sarawak election. He is the guy of impatience, ruckus and clumsy..... Report Reply
0 Vote up Vote down aries · 5 hours ago

+17 Vote up Vote down yearofsnake · 5 hours ago
Why don't you blow your Trumpet after the general election and avoid the fiasco after the 2008 GE when you announced that there will be Frogs jumping to PR. Please concentrate on getting candidates of integrity and intelligence not like some of the Donkeys and Monkeys which you recruited for the 2008 elections. Report Reply
0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago
The opposhits are getting wiser.

Tun Dol and Madam Ambigous. Some whisperings of Ku Li.

I wonder.


Then again.

Nehhh, cannot be.


The Malaysian Instigator gets caught again! Hover over link and read the URL ( for original title of article.

It's now titled "Anwar: GE13 win possible thanks to Bersih"


Malaysian Most Expensive Purchase-History Supreme

World's Most Expensive Yacht. As long as tagged Malaysian, bantai saja.

Original Story

"Talk about splashing out – an anonymous Malaysian businessman has spent £3billion on a yacht made from solid gold and platinum."

Do the maths.

"The History Supreme is the handiwork of Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes, who took three years to complete it."

Well I searched the the so-called jeweller, Stuart Hughes and what do you know, a con artist.

"This page was created to serve as fraud warning to future customers of two of our competitors: Goldstriker and Stuart Hughes. Upon two separate occasions once in 2008 and again in 2010, these companies have rebranded Computer Choppers product photos as their own in hopes of attracting a willing buyers of expensive products they do not create nor do they intend to until they have the customer's money securely in their pockets."

Payment by Pay-pal. Click purchase and add to shopping cart.

Another ROFLMAO.

23 July 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Malaysia Diplomatic Tie With The Vatican

The Star today reported,

"The formal pact was reached upon after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak met Pope Benedict XVI, the head of the Roman Catholic Church Monday at his Papal summer palace in Castel Gandolfo outside Rome."

Hear and read the Vatican report on Datuk Seri Najib meeting with the Holy Father,

2011-07-18 Vatican Radio

Pope Benedict XVI met with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak Monday at the Papal summer residence at Castel Gandalfo.

To find out more about the situation of the Catholic Church in the country and the significance of this meeting, Christopher Wells spoke to Jesuit Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of The Herald, a Catholic Weekly in Malaysia:

“The significance is the recognition of Christians in Malaysia in a multi-racial nation, there’s always been that question whether we are recognised as a group and recognising the Vatican is a recognition of the Christians and therefore is an important step forward”.

“Once this happens of course the other Christians will benefit, and also I’m sure that when we are given this recognition there will be a necessity for the government to see a moderation. We hope that there will be this inter-faith development taking place”.

Malaysia, where Christians make up 9 percent of the population, is one of the few countries without diplomatic ties with the Vatican. While Islam is the official religion in Malaysia, the right to freedom of religion is enshrined in its Constitution. There are about 850,000 Catholics in Malaysia, which has a population of 28 million.

It's good to see Father Lawrence speaking in a non-confrontional manner.

It's a diplomatic thing to do, no?

As a prelude to the PM visit, we have a wannabe Michael Jackson in the form of a layperson, Martin Jalleh, with his usual attention seeking theatrical diatribe and rant, duly abetted by the The Malaysian Instigator.


"We cannot truly call on God, the Father of all, if we refuse to treat in a brotherly way any man, created as he is in the image of God. Man's relation to God the Father and his relation to men his brothers are so linked together that Scripture says: "He who does not love does not know God" (1 John 4:8)."

Throwing "Ganddolfo" here and there, as though it were some Mafiosi term, does not make the wannabe MJ credible. And getting it wrongly spelt says much about the lowly layperson.

And as the wannabe MJ wants to remind the Holy Father of a warning, I would also remind the exploited wannabe to warn our Priests Do Not Have a Political Mission

"In their generous service to the gospel ideal, some priests feel drawn to political involvement in order to help more effectively in reforming political life and in eliminating injustices, exploitation, and every type of oppression. The Church reminds them that on this road it is easy to be caught in partisan strife, with the risk of helping not to bring about the just world for which they long, but new and worse ways of exploiting poor people. In any case they must know that they have neither the mission nor the charism from above for this political involvement and activism."
How telling and poignant. Amen.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

BERSIH 2-For the Unsophisticated and Uninitiated. What BERSHIT Deliberately Did Not Disclose.

Dunggus and Lembus are excused, eminent academicians and specially Marina Mahathir (whom I will not put in the former two categories out of very deep respect to her Father Tun MM), please take note.

The Star today featured an interview with the Election Commission Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof which addresses the frivolous and deceitful demands of BERSHIT and the bershitting supporters like the daughter of our former PM whose leadership we sorely miss.

BERSHIT can be BERSIH by incorporating the interview as a FAQ on election issues on their website.

The interview as carried by the Star in full,

Sunday July 17, 2011
Beefing up the voting process

The Election Commission and the conduct of elections have come under scrutiny recently. Here EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof addresses some of the issues

Q: How has the interest in elections and the electoral process evolved over the years?

A: In 2008, the number of registered voters was 10 mil while the number of eligible voters not registered was 4.3mil which is quite high.

But now the number not registered has dropped to 3.7mil and registered voters has increased to 12 mil. So based on that indication, I can see there is improvement in terms of interest to register as voters. Secondly, EC has the details of voters on our website so anybody can go to the website, key in their IC number to check if their status as a voter is accurate. They can also check the status of family members provided they know their IC numbers.

If you don't have a computer, you can telephone to find out, or sms or email for an almost immediate response.In the first 15 days in July, 19,000 have checked their details and polling centres. Usually the number is not that high.

Q: Can I check if people I don't know are registered as voters at my address because I wouldn't know their IC number?

A: We are in the process of putting the complete address on the website. Sometimes like in (PKR deputy president) Azmin Ali's case (who found four Chinese voters registered as voters at his mother's address), addresses are very similar. Azmin's mother stays in 1A Kampong Klang Gate Baru but there is also a 1A Jalan Genting Klang Gate close by which is a Chinese house with the same postal code.

There was a slip up when we put the locality because the addresses are so similar. According to Azmin's sister, even today, letters meant for the Chinese house are mistakenly sent to their house and letters for Azmin's mother's house get wrongly sent to Chinese family's house because of the similarity of address.

Q: But doesn't this show that mistakes like this happen?

A: All these happened before July 16, 2002 where anybody can register anybody at any address back then. I can bring 20 others to register and the officer will ask them what address they want to use and register them as voters at that particular address. That resulted in some addresses having 20 or 30 registered voters. Sometimes it is also because the house was rented out (and tenants used the rented house address to register as voters).

There was this one address in Penang a no 1155, where 88 people used that address to register as voters. When we checked, we found it is a squatter area with only one legal shop house which is the no 1155 so everyone who lived in the area used that address.

This is not something planned by EC that made many people stay in one house or have the same address but it happened.

After July 16 2002, they can't do that anymore because they have to use the address on their IC. One problem is many Malaysians don't live at the address stated in their IC. Under the constitution, the place you cast your vote should be the place where you live. If I live in Shah Alam, I shouldn't go back to Penang or my hometown to vote.

I estimate about 30 to 40% of our voters live somewhere else but vote somewhere else.

I have no power to force them to vote where they live. The most I can do is explain and persuade them to change the address with the National Registration Department (NRD). This is not hard to do. All they need to do is bring their utility bill to show where they are staying and the change of address will be made.

Q: But sometimes people feel attachment to their hometown and want to go back to cast their vote. Surely that is okay?

A: That shouldn't be. Under the NRD law, if you live in one particular area more than 3 months, you should change your address. Once you change your address, you tell EC. We don't it automatically.

You know why? Because we don't want it to be abused and misused. So an individual should do it by himself by filling in the Borang A' . We don't want the situation to be like before 2002 where anybody can register anybody and anybody can change the address of anybody.

Q: What is the problem of people voting somewhere else?

A: No problem but people say these are phantom voters. That is the perception they create. Both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat say there are phantom voters on the electoral roll. For example, in the Permatang Pasir by-election, there were accusations there are 3,000 phantom voters. But the accusers cannot name these people or trace them. When we checked, these people are not phantom voters but legally registered voters. When they moved somewhere else, they didn't change their address and didn't inform EC. If they don't change the address or inform us of the change, how would we know?

Q: People move to the city to cari makan but ultimately they want to return to their hometown to retire so the attachment is still strong with where they come from and they want to vote there?

A: But the law is law. You can't put sentiment there. The only thing here is that we don't enforce that law. If there is any election or by-election, there are massive traffic jams back to the state where people go back to vote.

Q: Why is it so dififcult to clean the electoral roll?

A: Under the law, EC can't clean information of a voter such as changing the address, name, gender, status of citizenship without his consent. Those changes must be done by the voter himself. He has to fill up the changes in Borang A', sign it and submit the form. And if people die and don't inform the National Registration Department (NRD), how would we know they are are no longer around? If somebody is poor and dies without property or assets, the next of kin doesn't bother to let NRD know of the death.

If they inform NRD, we automatically will get to know because we are work very closely with the NRD. If a relative of a dead person doesn't report to NRD, NRD can't update the information. When I was the permanent secretary of Home Ministry, I asked the NRD DG at that time to cut out the names of people aged 150 and above but he told me under the law he can't do that because NRD needs a report of the death.

But I said come on lah use common sense'. If the person is supposed to be 150 surely he is already dead. Now, they do remove those aged 150, 140, 130, 120. But when it comes to about 110 NRD has to be careful because these people might still be alive.

There were cases where based on NRD information, we deleted the voter's name from list but on polling day they came who said I am dead?'.

It happened to even the wife of a former minister. Tan Sri Leo Moggie's wife kena. You know why that happens? Because there are thousands with the same or similar names.

There are 28 Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof spelt exactly like my name and I haven't even included those who go by Aziz Yusof, Abdul Aziz Yusof. So imagine how many Aminahs or Hasnahs there are.

Sometimes with the elderly, we tried looking for the person but the home is no longer there it might have become a petrol station and no one in the area knows where the person is.

So we depend very much on a relative to report a death to the NRD and for that information to come to us. Do not confuse this with the burial permit which is issued by the police. A burial permit is not a death certificate. It would be ideal if the police would work with NRD on deaths.

Q: How clean is the electoral roll?

A: It's difficult to give a percentage. I can't say it's 80 or 90% percent. I admit the electoral roll is not perfect and that's why we always display the electoral roll so that people can check the names. It's transparent. They can see the information online, phone us, sms or email for an almost immediate response. I dare not give the percentage because I don't know if the detail of each and everyone registered voter is correct. Typically Malaysians like to wait till the last minute to check their details.

Q: A court hearing the election petition on the Likas 1999 election declared it null and void because there were illegal immigrants and those convicted of IC fraud on the electoral roll yet in the 2004 election, those names are still on the roll? Why wasn't that cleaned?

A: Really? I really do not know about that. If the IC is all fake, sure we have to get rid of those names. Because once we get the details, we check with NRD whether the names are there or not. If NRD says the name is there and the IC is genuine, we have to retain it.

But if we find the IC is not genuine and the IC number is not correct and belongs to somebody else belongs to somebody else, then the name will have to be dropped.

Q: In Sabah, there are cases where illegal immigrants are given an IC to vote, paid some money and after they vote return the IC to the party which gave it to them which would use it again?

A: I do not know about this.I wouldn't know how these people get the names and IC numbers because they have to be working closely with NRD. If that happens, this means these people are impersonating someone else. That's why we need the biometric system because then they can't get away with such a thing. Sometimes these are just allegations and when we ask for evidence and check, the ICs are genuine.

Q: What do you say to those who say that EC is in cahoots with NRD to make sure that the ruling party wins the elections?

A: I don't agree. The role of EC is to register voters. To register with us, they must have genuine IC. Before we confirm the application, we check with NRD's agency link up system (alis) if the the applicant is genuine. If it's not genuine, we reject it. Even after everything is confirmed, we display the names in public for one week in over 1,000 places. If there are objections, we will have a public hearing where we call the one who objected and the person being objected. Those who live there can complain I have never see this name, this address or person in this area'.

Q: In 2007, blogger and journalist Ahiruddin Atan aka Rocky's Bru who has never registered as a voter or voted in an election found his name and IC as a registered voter with an address in Perak in the electoral roll when he has never even lived there. How do such things happen?

A: Maybe somebody used his IC and his particulars. To encourage people to register as new voters, EC has appointed assistant registrars to help. We are the only EC in the world that appoints political parties to assist us in registering new voters.

We appoint an average of 2 assistant registrars for each state seat. Because they have an interest, they work very hard to register new voters.

They fill up the forms, get them signed and submit these to us. But whether that application is approved will depend on the EC. And we will check with NRD if the information is correct.

About 40% of the applications at state level are not genuine. The registered voters are dead, underaged or are already registered voters. A lot of people simply register. Even NGOs too do this. It is tiring for my director to check and re-check. We pay RM1 for each clean confirmed registration so these people think they can just fill up and submit the forms and get the money.

Q:Some argue that EC shouldn't franchise voter registration because this open the system to abuse?

A: That is why it takes 3 months to verify the registration and then a month and a half to display it.

The fact is political parties help us a lot in registering new voters. They make up the highest number compared to government departments, compared to universities, youth organisations, NGOs. EC does voter registration ourselves through our office, through our outreach programme but the response is not very good.

We also go for Jom Heboh, and sometimes political parties ask us to come to register voters and we do.

But it is difficult for people to come forward to register as voters. This has to do with attitude.

They ask themselves what benefit they get by registering as a voter. They ask what happens to them if they don't register and when they find out no action is taken they leave it as it is.

Only those who really love the country and would like to choose their own leaders would register as voters voluntarily.

That is why we make the process easy and simple. They can go to the post office, youth bodies, universities, colleges, government departments, NGOs and political parties.

When I mention in the EC seminars that political parties help us register voters, other EC are astounded.

But I am very happy with it because although my officers have to work very hard to get all the details but in terms of numbers, we get the highest numbers from political parties.

For May, 52% which is more than half of the new registration came from political parties.

We have to get rid of the names which are not genuine.

That can be quite tedious. But even after doing that, they are still the highest. The second is the post office, then our office counters, followed by government department, NGOs, youth organisation etc.

If they submit 1,000 names and after we clean up and verify, we find only 600 names are genuine new voters, then we pay them RM600 which is RM1 for every clean genuine new voter.

Q: In every election, there are complaints from voters they have been transferred to another voting constituency. EC has said nobody has the power to change address except for the voter himself but how come this still keeps happening?

A: Legally speaking, nobody can change your address. But sometimes there is a wrong locality. For example, a voter might think he stays in a particular constituency but in actual case the area he lives in falls under another constituency.

For example in the Hulu Selangor by-election, there was a group of people who thought they stay in Hulu Selangor.

They have voted in Hulu Selangor for a number of elections but when we use Geographic Information System (GIS) which is a computerised system, they do not come under that constituency. In the past, rivers or roads were used for demarcation but when we introduced GIS, we discovered in terms of locality these voters are in the wrong place.

For example, a voter might live in Gombak or Selayang and pay his water bill there but he is a voter in Hulu Selangor. That's wrong.

We find there are a number of such cases and EC has the power to correct these errors. There are a lot of this in Perak, Penang and Malacca.

And by correcting the error, the person might end up as a voter in a different constituency.

But because this is very sensitive, the EC has decided to hold off correcting these errors until after the next redelineation exercise.

The EC does not need to do the redelineation immediately. Once we start on the redelineation, we have to complete it within two years.

But with next general elections having to be called less than 2 years time, we have decided to wait until after elections to do the redelienation. Because if we start to do the redelineation and the PM decides to ask for parliament to be dissolved and for election, then we are caught. If the correction still means that the person votes in the same constituency but is in a different polling centre, then we will go ahead with the correction, and inform the political leaders, the kampong leaders and the affected voters.

Q: In 2007 Bersih asked for electoral reforms. Fast forward 4 years later, Bersih is still asking for electoral reform. Why is EC so slow to act?

A: It is not easy to clean the electoral roll. EC can't change the particulars of any voter so we have to depend entirely on voters to come forward and change whatever wrong information.

They can't change the address online because we are afraid it will be misused so they have to be physically present at the EC counters or the post office to make the change.

Bersih, tell me how else to clean the roll.

I told (Bersih 2.0 chairman) Datuk S. Ambiga when we met last year to help us encourage people to register and to ask voters to update their information. She wanted to see me again in March and April but because of by-elections and the Sarawak state elections, we were very busy. In this parliamentary term, there have been 16 by-elections.

And when Bersih comes to meet us, it is not just two or three people who show up but a whole group of them. So I too have to bring a number of senior officers and panel members to attend the meeting. So I asked them to hold on until after the Sarawak state elections but they seemed to think that the general election is so close and decided to go to the streets to demonstrate.

Q: The Sarawak state election was months ago but the Bersih rally was on July 9, why didn't you meet them after the elections?

A: Because we didn't get any request from them. They were planning demonstrations.

Q: It's been 4 years since their demand for electoral reforms and you mention cleaning up the roll, what about Bersih's other seven demands?

A: When Bersih 2.0 came to see me at the end of last year, they brought 17 demands. We discussed and I explained in detail why automatic registration of voters can't be done and why we can't reduce the voting age to 18 because all this is subject to amendments of the federal constitution. I explained and they reduced the demands from 17 to 8. About 60% of the demands were gone in one meeting.

Out of the eight demands put up by Bersih 2.0, the last four (free and fair media, reforming public institutions, getting rid of dirty politics and corruption) do not come under EC.

Q: You say dirty politics and corruption do not come under EC but Section 10 of the Election Offence Act does have give powers to EC to act against the bribing of voters?

A: Under the act, we can only report. We can't investigate or arrest. When people report to us, we report this to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) or the police. To investigate, we need a lot of people trained in the area. But our expertise is registration of voters, carrying out elections and redelineation of election boundaries. How can we investigate corruption?

People these days are very smart and it is not easy to prove that someone is corrupt. Even MACC is often disappointed.

They investigate a matter so long, gather evidence and witnesses but when it gets to court, the case is thrown out.

We report if we find there is a transfer of cash from one person to another and we check at times and we find the recipient isn't even a voter.

In the Hulu Selangor by-election, Barisan made announcements of projects and (the PKR's candidate who lost) Datuk Zaid Ibrahim filed an election petition to have the election declared null and void for corruption. But when it came to court, the case was kicked out. It might seem like bribery but to prove in court is not easy. And you are asking us the EC to handle this? Cannot! This should be done by experts. But even experts have a tough time.

Q: So what kind of offences can EC act on under the Election Offences Act? Dirty politics?

A: What is dirty politics? The only person that can clean politics are politicians. Who makes politics dirty? The politicians.

Because to them, the most important thing is to change the voters' perception. So politicians will say or do anything to get people to believe them. How do you control this?

The only ones who can control it is the politicians themselves.

Q: What about corruption?

A: I don't like corruption. Whoever wins, if there is proof he won by corruption, the results will be declared invalid. But you can't expect EC to enforce this. We don't have an enforcement wing to do this. So we depend on the MACC on matters with corruption because they are trained and equipped. And they mingle around with EC during elections. If there is a corruption matter reported to us, we will report it to MACC.

Q: If EC knows on the ground that a candidate had spent more than maximum expenditure allowed for an election, what can EC do?

A: When we ask, they say that is not the candidate expenditure because it is the party that is paying for it. So what can you do? They throw a dinner and say it is the party's expense.

What a political party can do is bring this up to the court in an election petition,

Q: What do you think of a caretaker government using government machinery and state facilities to campaign?

A: They can't do that. They can't use government helicopters or government cars for campaign.

We mentioned that when we meet the party leaders, candidates and party agents and the code of ethics and the do's and don't during elections. Politicians are politicians. In front of me, they say “okay, no problem Tan Sri“ but that very night they do it anyway.

Both sides are the same because they want to influence the voters as much as possible.

If they adhere to the rules of EC, code of ethics, and the instructions of the police, politics would be very clean.

Q: If parliament is dissolved, does this mean the caretaker PM can't use the government helicopter to go around?

A: He can. His official duties as Prime Minister will still have to go on but what I meant is that ministers when it is not an official function, they can't use the government facilities in campaigning.

That would be wrong. If someone complains, the matter can be brought to court and if there are facts, it is left to the court decide.

Q: But when a minister goes and announces a project, he would claim he is doing it in his official capacity as minister but surely that is campaigning?

A: For example, the Finance Minister announces a few million for a flood eradication problem in Sungai Sibu. Is that corruption? I don't know because it is uncertain if the one who hears it and benefits is a voter. Even if he is voter, it still doesn't mean he will automatically vote for the party that offers this.

For the Sarawak election, there were some who wanted to offer air fares back to Sarawak to voters so that they will cast their vote and I said no that is corruption'.

But my officer said how can you say it's corruption because we use the political parties' vehicles to get voters from their homes to the polling centre'. But I said that is small but the officer said it was the same thing.

So I called by the MACC head to ask if it was corruption and he said if a person gave a voter money to pay for the ticket to go home and insists that the voter should vote for a particular party and provide proof that he voted that way and the voter obliges, that is corruption. But if the person gives the voter money to fly back to Sarawak to carry out his duty as a voter and the voter is free to choose whoever he want, that is not corruption.

And don't forget one's vote is secret. If someone gives money and asks a voter to vote for a particular party and the matter goes to court and the voter admits to taking the money but insists that he voted for the other party and not the one that he was asked to vote for - is that corruption?

Q: Doesn't EC bear responsibility for the July 9 street demonstration because people took to the streets only because EC was dragging its feet on electoral reform?

A: That is perception. Like I said, four of the eight demands do not fall under EC. With regards to free and fair elections, I can't dictate to the media whom they should give coverage to. I did meet the owners of the mainstream media and I did ask them to give media space to the opposition. Then Barisan complains that the alternative media focuses on only the opposition and doesn't give Barisan space.

If I have authority under the law, I can force but I don't have that. So who am I to tell the media?

Persuasion doesn't work. It is up to shareholders and owners of the newspapers.

In comparison, in the Philippines during the elections, the police, army, Attorney-General, the media all come under under the EC chairman. Q: So EC is a toothless tiger?

We have to ask other agencies to assist us.

Q: Can EC can ask parliament to amend the Federal Constitution to allow indelible ink to be used in voting?

A: I have merisik (put feelers out). I know for a fact if we bring this matter up, one group of MPs will oppose it and we will not be able to get the two-thirds majority to change the constitution. So because of that, we proposed something else instead, the biometric system, which is more reliable and hi tech and doesn't require amending the constituition.

And it can get rid of the problem of phantom voters. You scan your thumbprint, it verifies if you are the genuine holder of the IC and once you have voted, you can't vote anywhere else.

And if you bring someone else's IC, it won't match the thumb print in the biometric machine.

Q: There are tens of thousand polling stations so won't you need tens of thousands of biometric machines for elections which would be expensive and not practical?

A: We can keep some of the machines for by-elections. The rest can be handed over to the immigration and Home Ministry to use. But we haven't finalised using biometric. This is our plan. I still think it's the best way to get rid of phantom voters.

Q: If EC can't get the biometric system in place in time for the next general election what system can be put in place to make sure a voter doesn't vote twice?

A: No one has voted twice in an election. There has never been any election petition which claims that voters voted more than once. They want to create perception that EC cannot be trusted. That's all. Based on the 16 by-elections (since the 2008 general election), I conclude that if voters like a candidate or a party that person will win the elections even if the other side gives out aid and development projects.

One example is Bagan Pinang by-election, Barisan put Tan Sri Isa Samad to challenge the PAS candidate and PAS did everything to win the seat. But the voters, regardless of race, like Tan Sri Isa and he won the votes in all streams.

Q: What about reform of postal votes?

A: There make up only 200,000 of the 12 mil voters. For postal voters, the system is very rigid because they have to use three envelopes so there are many technical mistakes that can happen. For the Hulu Selangor election, 150 postal votes were rejected on technical grounds.

We are planning on advance voting where we get the postal voters to gather in one area and allow them advance voting three days before polling day.

Those at the borders where they can't have advance voting because they are manning the borders, we will allow postal votes on polling day itself.

Bersih does not want special postal votes for the army and police but the police and armed forces are of the view that on polling day, they are deployed all over the country to maintain security and public order. I can't force them to go to the polling booth to vote. I have to listen because these concern security matters.

We are also cleaning up the postal votes because some soldiers and police have been transferred.

Postal votes also do not have such a significant impact. There are only 200,000 which makes up only 1.8% of the total votes.

The opposition is so worried about postal votes but in 19 seats with a lot of postal votes, the opposition won 14 of the 19 seats. So it doesn't mean that the opposition loses a seat because of postal votes.

Generally the postal votes do go to Barisan but in Permatang Pauh, 1,367 of the postal votes went to PKR while the Barisan got only 1,002.

They accuse EC of being not democratic and helping Barisan but look at KL, the opposition won 10 out of 11 parliament seats.

Q: EC is proposing that postal votes be cast 3 days in advance but what about suspicion that these ballot boxes can be stuffed?

A: The political parties' agents are there to monitor the balloting. When the polling ends, they count how many ballot papers have been cast and they sign off and sealthe ballot box after that. And it is impossible to cheat or even add an extra ballot paper. If the party agent wants to sit in the lockup and sleep with the ballot box to guard it until it is taken to be counted, he is free to do that.

As for the counting of votes, it is all done at the polling centre on election day. If there is a difference of less than 4% in the margin, the loser can ask for a recount. But this has to be done at the counting centre but not after the result has been sent to the tally centre. In the Sibu and Manek Urai by- elections, Barisan asked for a recount, I said sorry because it was already at tally centre.' It was the same with the Senadin by-election when PKR asked for a recount and this was denied.
As I said recounting must be done at the polling centre and not at the tallying centre.

Q: If a Malaysian working abroad is not allowed to cast his vote while civil servants, their spouses, soldiers working abroad and Malaysians full time students in overseas universities are, isn't that denying the right of some to vote?

A: We are quite open and we look at that as something that can improve integrity but the problem is overseas it is very difficult to monitor where they live and stay. Sometimes the ballot paper gets to them only after the elections because we allow candidates to withdraw late. But the impact of overseas postal votes is very insignificant because it is a very small number.

Q: What do you think of a 21 days campaigning period?

A: We are considering that. 14 days might not be enough but don't tie us down to 21 days. In the 1969 riots, there was seven weeks of campaigning and many racial and religious issues close to the heart came up. Even senior leaders of some of the parties asking for 21 days have come and tell me not to give 21 days because it is very tiring and costly.I am looking at a possible 15 days of campaigning.

Q: What do you say to perception that EC takes orders from the ruling party?

A: That's only perception and it's not true. The PM does not even call me. If there are any calls from the ruling party, it is with regards to suggestions and anyone can make suggestions.

Q: What about an independent commission appointing those who head EC so that it is perceived as being truly independent?

A: I have no objections to that. If people don't like me, the King can get rid of me. I am waiting for the memorandum to be handed to the King. But the PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu has already challenged me saying Bersih would take to the streets again if EC doesn't agree to its 8 electoral reforms demands. They did a street demonstration because they wanted to submit the memorandum to the King and they haven't handed it over to the King. The King is the one who appoints EC and the panel and he has the right to call us and I am waiting for that. My conscience is clear.

Q: Should there be a proportional representation system in election?

A: Ours is the first past the post system and if there is any change to the proportional system it is the government that should change it. I just came from Thailand. I saw the combination of both. I think proportional representation is a good idea where if the party gets 20% of the votes that would be translated into seats and it has a voice in parliament. We are looking into this. For the first past post, if you win by one vote, you take everything.

Q: Aren't free and fair election something good? (My comment..what a ridiculous question but aptly responded by Tan Sri)

A: Yes but are the elections here not free and fair? Aren't Malaysians free to vote whom ever they want. There are many seats where Barisan has not won for years.

In KL, 10 out of 11 seats parliamentary seats were won by the opposition. As for the 16 by-elections, Barisan won eight and the opposition won 8.

In the Sarawak state elections, DAP got a 100% increase in the number of seats it won and PKR a 200% increase.

So does it mean that only if the opposition wins that the election is free and fair? The opposition parties praise us sky high when they win a by election or a seat. But when they lose, they always look for an excuse and a scapegoat.

I think elections in Malaysia is fair. Whoever the voter likes during that time will win.

In 2008, the situation is different from the coming election. The 1999 election result was different from the 2004 general election result. In 2004 election, the results for Barisan under the then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was different from the 2008 election which also under Abdullah. Doesn't this show that elections are fair?

If people like the opposition in an election, they will win and vice versa. And if people don't like a candidate, that candidate will lose. It's simple as that.

Will these clear all misconception and rebutt the deceitful BERSHIT and "sophiticated" Marina Mahithir and her ilk are concerned, Joceline Tan writes about?

Absolutely not.

Dunggus and lembus excepted, the skewed bershitting supporters like the Bar Council, loyarburoks, academicians and pseudos like Marina Mahathir will always want to rub shoulders with each other. To be politically "correct". To maintain that circle of "class" society. The holier than thou and we know it better than and what is good for you superior complex.

Hyper inflated EGOS.

Bloody hypocrites.

These are the types who will suck up to someone, something, anything for superficial notice to be regarded "high society", ala getting a pic in the Malaysian Tattler.

Hyper inflated EGOS.

Bloody hypocrites.


And the Fuckatan Coalition and Madam Ambitious are laughing all the way to the next polls.

By the way, while I commend the Star for the interview but as you asked Tan Sri "why didn't you meet them after the elections?", I would ask the Star the same.

Why didn't the Star have such a comprehensive explanation from the EC, to expose the BERSHIT deceit as it had made the dubious demands months ago, and for someone to die before it did?

BERSIH 2.0 For Dummies read here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BERSIH 2.0-Reversal of Fortunes

Launch of BERSHIT 2.O

"The initial BERSIH coalition which organised the rally in 2007 consisted of NGOs and political parties as members of the coalition. However, BERSIH 2.0 which was launched on 10 November 2010 consists purely of members from civil society organisations. It is a citizens’ movement for free and fair elections."

By-elections post 2008


Date: 26th August 2008
Constituency: Permatang Pauh
Category: Parliament
Cause: Resignation of incumbent, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR)
Winner: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR)


Date: 7th January 2009
Constituency: Kuala Terengganu
Category: Parliament
Cause: death of incumbent Razali Ismail (BN)
Winner: Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut (PAS)

joint 3rd – 5th
Date: 7th April 2009
Constituency: Bukit Selambau (Kedah)
Category: State
Cause: Resignation of incumbent V. Arumugam (PKR)
Winner: S Manikumar (PKR)

joint 3rd – 5th
Date: 7th April 2009
Constituency: Bukit Gantang (Perak)
Category: Parliament
Cause: Death of incumbent Roslan Shaharum (PAS)
Winner: Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin (PAS)

joint 3rd – 5th
Date: 7th April 2009
Constituency: Batang Ai (Sarawak)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Datuk Dublin Unting (BN)
Winner: Malcolm Mussen Lamoh (Parti Rakyat Sarawak)

Date: 31st May 2009
Constituency: Penanti (Penang)
Category: State
Cause: Resignation of Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (PKR)
Winner: Mansor Othman (PKR)

Date: 14th July 2009
Constituency: Manek Urai (Kelantan)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Haji Ismail Yaacob (PAS)
Winner: Mohd Fauzi Abdullah (PAS)

Date: 25th August 2009
Constituency: Permatang Pasir (Penang)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman (PAS)
Winner: Mohd Salleh Man (PAS)

Date: 11th October 2009
Constituency: Bagan Pinang (Negri Sembilan)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Azman Mohammad Noor (BN)
Winner: Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Abdul Samad (BN)

Score: Opposhits 7 BN 2. Elections still free and fair.


Date: 25th April 2010
Constituency: Hulu Selangor
Category: Parliament
Cause: death of incumbent Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad (PKR)
Winner: P. Kamalanathan (BN)

Date: 16th May 2010
Constituency: Sibu
Category: Parliament
Cause: death of incumbent Robert Lau Hoi Chew (BN)
Winner: Richard Wong Ho Leng (DAP)

joint 12th-13th
Date: 4th November 2010
Constituency: Galas
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Chek Hasim bin Sulaima (PAS)
Winner: Abdul Aziz Yusof (BN)

joint 12th-13th
Date: 4th November 2010
Constituency: Batu Sapi
Category: Parliament
Cause: Death of incumbent Datuk Edmund Chong (BN/PBS)
Winner: Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin (BN/PBS)

Turning of the tide. Election now no longer free and fair. See PAS losing at Galas.

Launch BERSHIT 2.0, 10 November 2010


Date: 30th January 2011
Constituency: Tenang (Johor)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Datuk Sulaiman Taha (BN)
Winner: Mohd Azahar Ibrahim (BN), increased majority
By-election score: PR 8-6 BN

Date: 6th March 2011
Constituency: Merlimau (Melaka)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Datuk Mohamad Hidhir Abu Hassan (BN)
Winner: Roslan Ahmad (BN), increased majority

Date: 6th March 2011
Constituency: Kerdau (Pahang)
Category: State
Cause: Death of incumbent Datuk Zaharuddin Abu Kassim (BN) on 12th February 2011
Winner: Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad (BN), increased majority
By-election score: PR 8-8 BN

possible 17th
Date: [yet to be decided by the EC]
Constituency: Port Klang (Selangor)
Category: State
Cause: On 19th January 2011 Selangor Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim declared the seat vacant because incumbent Badrul Hisham Abdullah has been absent from assembly sittings for 6 months.
Winner: [by election yet to be held]

Friday, July 15, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim’s Wife and Anwar’s Latest Alleged Sex Scandal

Article reproduced from Redstate by Christopher Badeaux

It is a staple of American politics, when American politicians can be bothered to notice Malaysia, to sing the praises of Anwar Ibrahim, the more-or-less permanent opposition leader of that state. It is to the Obama Administration’s rare credit that it has started to distance itself from Anwar, recognizing that Malaysia’s government has made serious strides in the last several years, and that Ibrahim’s unsavory past and ties do not make him a good partner in the region.

The Administration is so very bad at so much foreign policy, that we should actually take the opportunity to praise them when they do something right.

Anwar faces a crisis of his own making, distracting from his latest, quixotic attempt to move from opposition leader into government. In what was initially portrayed as a replay of his famous turn-of-the-millennium sodomy trial, he once again faces a sex scandal and trial. This time, however, there is video. And more importantly, there is the matter of the dynasty he is trying to create.

Here in the U.S., we are well-used to the scene of the politician’s fall from grace via video and photograph, with infidelities real and imagined making their grainy way onto the evening news.

Sometimes the “evidence” is a set-up, and sometimes it is not. But the pattern is usually the same: First the politician and his wife go through a period of denial, then the politician’s wife goes on national TV and (as we saw with Eliot Spitzer, all too literally) stands by her man, defends him, and forgives him for his alleged sin. This is even truer when the wife has political experience or political ambitions, as was the case with Hillary Clinton or (at first) Elizabeth Edwards, to cite two of our better-known, recent political sex scandals. It was even true in the case of former Senator Larry Craig, whose wife defended him when he was arrested for allegedly trying to have gay sex in a public restroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

But in Malaysia, Dr. Wan Azizah, Anwar’s wife, has been strangely silent, refusing even to comment on the possibility that a new video tape purporting to show her husband having sex with a female prostitute is genuine. Instead, over the weekend Anwar claimed that his wife, who is not coincidentally the President of his PKR Party, “is not interested in watching the video concerned.”

Anwar, who has become a past master at playing the victim card to deflect attention to his own sins, claimed it was all a set-up, a smear campaign. This is old hat for him. He made the same claim when B’nai B’rith International wrote to Congress and the Obama Administration last year asking that the government cut all ties with Anwar because of his history of anti-Semitic remarks. He claimed it was a a smear when he refused to allow his own DNA to be tested in order to back up his claims of innocence in his current sodomy trial. Anwar also claimed it was a smear last year when Zaid Ibrahim, a respected lawyer, resigned from the opposition PKR party and accused Anwar and his wife and daughter of running a feudal dynasty and rigging internal elections. Zaid’s main charge was that Anwar was more interested in his personal power than in real and substantive policies.

In the world of Anwar Ibrahim, any allegation against him, even by those closest to him, is always a smear, and he is always the victim. Of course, all too often, the shadowy figures behind those smears are Jews.

Yet the more interesting issue here is not that Anwar, when accused of wrongdoing, invariably goes on the offensive and tries to portray himself like a martyr, stretching the imagination to compare himself to real martyrs like Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi, or the democratically-elected government of Malaysia as the equivalent of Mubarak’s Egypt. It is to Hillary Clinton’s credit that her State Department has begun to back away from him and his ravings.

No, the really interesting question is why his wife has not come out more vociferously to stand by her man, and has instead simply echoed others in the PKR party, of which she is president, in making the predictable claim that it is all a put-up job.

In fact, rather than visibly and substantively respond to the allegations against Ibrahim, her most recent public statement is to say that she does not regret marrying Anwar, and, perhaps somewhat tellingly, that when he proposed marriage, she had dreams about seeing his face on election posters.

“I have never regretted. Before Anwar, I accepted another proposal. But when Anwar asked me to be his wife, I dreamt of lots of posters that looked like election posters,” Wan recently said. “All these posters were of Anwar. For me, that was a sign from God so I picked Anwar.”

Election posters. A proposal for marriage elicits dreams of election posters.

“All these posters were of Anwar,” Wan said. “For me, that was a sign from God, so I picked Anwar.”

In the States, we generally assume that in a marriage with a politically ambitious wife and her husband, the public face, in the middle of a sex scandal, the husband is going to get all but literally castrated in private, followed by a stand-by-her-man routine for the cameras. Silence is usually a tacit admission that the straying was too awful to be masked.

We usually don’t end up with a confession of pre-marital dreams of election posters.

And that may take us to the ultimate explanation of why Anwar’s wife — who is after all the President of PKR, and let’s face it, the most likely successor to Anwar should he eventually step down or step away from his political career — is being so careful. It may be that she intends that her own face, or that of her daughter Nurul Izzah, is the next one that could appear on election posters. If Anwar is persona non grata with the Administration, perhaps a different face (one not on imaginary election posters, but the real things) would be a better one for the American political establishment.

In her previous career as Apologist-in-Chief to the Adulterer-in-Chief, Hillary Clinton came out and dealt directly with Monica Lewinsky. (Of course, she did so by accusing a shadowy cabal of enemies of setting the whole thing up, but really, that was her way back then. Not now. Certainly.) But Wan Azizah is perhaps as adamant as she is, because even the slightest admission of suspicion on her part would cause the whole edifice of Anwar’s opposition PKR Party and, therefore, the whole Anwar Family Dynasty, to crumble.

The State Department would do well to remember that Anwar has not only denied that he is the man in the now-famous sex video, but also the allegations that his wife and daughter were turning their backs on him.

In this, he is probably right. Neither Wan Azizah nor Nurul Izzah can afford to turn their backs on Anwar, whatever happens. They are all in this together, and should remain so in the minds of the foreign policy professionals charged with maintaining our relations with this rare, functional Muslim democracy.