Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra Kamarudin "and this time I'm not going to jail"

Rocky's Bru posts "RPK's nail on Anwar Ibrahim's coffin" about RPK's exclusive interview with the NST.

Even the rabid opposition news portal, The Malaysia insider carries the following headlines, "RPK says confident Anwar man in sex video" and fittingly "Anwar morally unfit to become PM, says RPK"

My previous post on the ex-convict only confirms what we all know and what these zombie Anwaristas are stubbornly impervious to accept, the man just cannot be trusted and unprincipled.

And even in the event that the ex-con is convicted again, even RPK reportedly says,
I do not know if Anwar is guilty or not. For me the issue is not important. The question is is he the best candidate to run the country. If you are a good person you are surely ‘clean’. But if you can’t run the country you can’t it’s that simple.
Happy New Year!

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