Friday, January 13, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Trial Bombings

The outcome of the much drawn-out Sodomy II trial of Anwar Ibrahim came as a surprise to everyone, and to some, an anti-climax.

In political rhetoric expressions of joy of the acquittal by the opposition pack and expressions of disappointment among those who see Anwar guilty as hell, what has gone without notice it would seem, are the explosions in an aftermath of the verdict this Monday.

Why is this despicable acts be referred to only as "explosions"?

These are bombings.

Explosions by time bombs

Both sides of the political divide do not want to address the explosion even with a ten foot pole.

There must be a fear that the culprits would be linked to their respective supporters or party.

Even in the blogosphere it is only given a passing mention at the very most.

This is unacceptable.

It does not matter what affiliation the culprits would belong and found to be associated with.

The bombers must be caught, brought to book and subject the greatest brunt of our laws.

Are we saying these actions are only a "one-off"?

It certainly seem to be the case.

What if it were not the work of local political extremists?

What if it were a trial run of international extremists or others with more diabolic intentions?

The bombings, thank God, has resulted only in injuries and not fatalities.

We do not want our country to be a haven to all and any kind of extremism or covert activities that will lead to costs of human life, not even a single one.

The police must be given our complete co-operation to apprehend these anarchists.

The bombings cannot and must not be a precedent of any kind.

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