Friday, January 13, 2012

Elections In November 2012

The US Presidential, and US Senate elections coinciding, will be held on 6 November.

I have not being following US elections, ever since the George "War criminal" Bush versus Albert "Al Reformasi" Gore controversial presidential elections of 2000, seriously or with interest.

The two Johns, Kerry and McCain, are all in the Bush mould. Obama is a convenient compromise.

By that I mean economic policies, foreign policies being non-negotiable, by all we have seen in the last 12 years since and no need to elaborate why.

Nominations for the GOP presidential candidacy has already been rolling with Mitt Romney an early favourite and front runner.

Notable Republican candidate on offer Ron Paul,, gets my attention for his stand on the US Federal Reserve.

By tradition, being a Democratic Party and incumbent President Obama, with Joe Biden the Vice-President, both would be expected to be the Democratic ticket of choice, unless one or the other opts out as candidate.

Whether Barack Obama can retain the Presidency is left to be seen, for although having advantages for example being in national and international media spotlight during his administration, this article suggests that the challenger will get a sizable chunk of the undecided votes.

Be that as it may, President Obama has already accumulated in his campaign coffers a whopping USD $240 million for re-election equivalent to Rm 752,239,000.

As a comparison, the Elections Offences Act 1954, Section 19 limits election campaign expenses for a Parliamentary seat to Rm 200,000 and a State seat at Rm 100,000, meaning a total of Rm 94,900,000 in expenses is allowed for campaigning to each coalition, within a specified campaign period.

We know of course the Pakatan pack have actively been campaigning ever since that freak result of 2008 but that won't count officially as campaign expenses.

Talking about money and US elections being so sophisticated as to become a science in itself, here's an interesting article.

What I take it to mean is that betting odds together with a variety of predictors could be used to forecast the success of a candidates.

Didn't we have that suspicion all this while, an open secret?

That the betting voter would favour the candidate with better betting odds or to put it in another way the result could be manipulated by bookies who would give short odds of a candidate not in their favour thereby giving the other candidate an edge.

Sorry for an adverse implication, but only in the urban areas would one find bookies to be actively involved in illegal betting activities, so by extension, who has benefited thus far?

As the article says, follow the money.

I see November also as a suitable and convenient time for our 13th General Elections for a slew of reasons notwithstanding elections could be called in early 2013.

Perhaps 18 November.

Best reason?

With all the media frenzy, lobbyists and lobbying in high gear pre and post US elections, there would not be any time spared, for the Pakatan "chosen one" and lonely, Anwar Ibrahim.

Another thing, remember how we all rooted for the War Criminal against Al Reformasi in that Supreme Court decided 2000 US election?

And how the War Criminal became to be the War Criminal?

So be careful for what you wish for.

Your best dreams might become your worst nightmare.

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