Saturday, January 14, 2012

Independence of the Judiciary and the Anwar Ibrahim Verdict

I do not understand exhortations questioning the 'Independence of the Malaysian Judiciary'.

These expressions, in as far as the Anwar verdict, especially, or any other decisions where the courts of Malaysia are concerned, defies all logic.

Let's take the Anwar Ibrahim verdict as an explicit case to point.

Guilty verdict - The Govt interfered, conspired, colluded et al but is asked, nay demanded, by all and sundry, "please, you must intervene". And that's ok?

Is this not interference and the judiciary is NOT independent.

Not Guilty - Not interfered implies "you can or could have interfered". But in this case it's okay!

Does this not also mean that the Judiciary is NOT independent?

And when those, who out of that verdict say that it proves that the Judiciary is independent, all and sundry will say nay, but again, in this case it's okay!

Go ahead, juxtapose all reports, comments and responses of the Anwar verdict with my statement.

There lies the lie, one way or the other, "Malaysian Judiciary is Not Independent"

It is only "independent" when decisions go their way.

Or, it is still "not independent" but it's okay.

For what it's worth, like the words of "The Special One", Jose Mourinho, Anwar Ibrahim is now, "Untouchable".

Figure that one out.

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Snuze said...

Heh. I gave up on reading on the trial eons ago. I feel sorry for Saiful that his violation remains unpunished, but sometimes them's the breaks.

As for AI's claims that the judiciary are still not impartial or free, he can go swim in a lombong with bricks around his feet.