Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malaysia Insider and Malaysiakini - The Lying Game

No matter who is saying what, about a "shopping spree" that Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has denied, the opposition portal Malaysian Insider claims to have a media statement from designer Carl Kapp, "Aussie designer clarifies Rosmah shopping reports" refuting an Australian report of the said "spree".

That Australian report by jounalist Andrew Hornery, had been given extensive coverage by the other more rabid opposition portal Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini even reports journalist Andrew Hornery standing by his article, "Columnist: I verified details with designer Kapp" in their latest update.

Someone must be lying.

This is how the Aussie journalist originating the story, Andrew Hornery, and his paper the Sydney Morning Herald, is described by another Australian website, Australia's Worst Jounalist.
Numerous factual errors. Andrew Hornery, unable to transcribe accurately factual matters or deliberately engages in falsehoods to degrade his subject, and heighten his vitriole.

Persons contacted by this dishonest journalist should not afford him an interview, as quotations will be altered to suit the journalist's purpose. Any correspondence with the editor responsible, Peter Kerr, fails to elicit a satisfactory response.

You decide who, in your honest opinion, is the biggest liar.


Snuze said...

Of course they have to say something negative about Rosmah; her hubby is looking good in the polls. Gotta pin something on his name, no?

Excrement slingers should look at their fingers before pointing.

Freddie Kevin said...


Looking good is damn right. Ditto turdy fingers.

More best wishes