Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malott The Racist Meddler

First things first.

If this is not the mother of ironies then in must be the grandmother of them all.

Karpal Singh in his wisdom is quoted by a Bernama report, "Karpal Urges Ag Not To Appeal Anwar's Acquittal",
"This trial has been called the mother of all trials in Malaysia and I think three years is a very long time and that it should be stopped for the sake of all,"
1. The trial took 3 years no thanks to the numerous appeals by Anwar Ibrahim himself and Karpal has gall to advise the AG not to appeal!

2. "For the sake of all"?? What about the complainants sake?

Now this is absurd, Karpal goes on to say,
"Most unfortunate that the matter has come to this extent for Saiful, but I think it is best for the country and all concerned to stop this harassment on Anwar and his family.."
"..harassment on Anwar and his family.."? Readers can take it from there.

Now to the matter at hand, the mother of all meddlers, the has-been John "Rasputin" Malott.

If not for Rocky Bru's post, "Mallot, ambik kau/Mallot the Macaw", I would have missed the meddler's latest excremental diatribe.

I would have thought that ultra meddler would have been running for cover following Anwar's open support for Hudud.

Why would I not think so when the meddler must be a closet racist, if not why would he be supporting a racist Islamophobic congressman by the name of Ed Royce.
Mr. John R. Malott (World Affairs Council/CEO), (Zip code: 92677) $250 to ED ROYCE FOR CONGRESS on 06/27/01
Ex-ambassader John "Rasputin" Malott was also once an ex-Ambassador-at-Large on the Executive Board of the World Affairs Council of Orange County which the "U.S. Representative Ed Royce (R) is serving his tenth term in Congress representing Southern California's 40th District, based in Orange County. He and his wife, Marie, are longtime residents of Fullerton, CA."

This the Islamophobic congressman, Ed Royce, that the urine Malott supports.

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