Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The World Won't Wait

Sounds like title to a James Bond movie, no?

Well, actually it's a phrase coming out of a Bloomberg article parodying a TV series titled "Time to Pull 'CSI: Malaysia' Off the Air: The Ticker"

Most apt I must agree, juxtaposed to grounds in the acquittal, of the one and only, Anwar Ibrahim.

"Time to Pull 'CSI: Malaysia' Off the Air: The Ticker" must be a sequel of sorts to another Bloomberg article in 2009 by the same author, "Gay Sex Takes Backseat to Economic Policy Making: William Pesek"

In both these articles you will find that same phrase,
The world won’t wait for Malaysia.

In fact, the whole paragraph then, is repeated now, with an additional line to bring in time for the present time.

Both articles are worth reading, overtones and undertones aside.

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