Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DAP Gangster Talk

This would have been an ideal subject for "When Pakatan Rakyat Forms the Federal Government" but since it's hot off the press, I'm giving it special treatment.

With his big talking, foot in mouth disease blundering Penang is safer than Johore, the Penang Chief Minister's mouthpiece now comes out with ultimatums.

It sounds more of a threat to me.

The Star reports,
"Two hundred and fifty DAP members and supporters will be at the debate venue by 4pm. If no seats are allocated, I cannot guarantee what will happen," Ng Wei Aik told reporters at the Chowrasta market here Tuesday morning.
How can anyone support such a party is beyond me.

And this is only a debate mind you.

I wonder what would happen if you mess around with a real taikor DAP chap.

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