Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hilmi Malik - Malaysian Political Assasins

Just who are the the Malaysian leaders making threats against Hilmi Malik? The Malaysian Insider reports,

“My safety is not ensured in Malaysia as a result of threats made against me by Malaysian leaders who may use me as a pawn or political tool for the authorities”

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Other tidbits of the report.

Hilmi Malek has confirmed his previous love affair with Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong but denied ever leaking semi-nude pictures of her.

“I don’t know who leaked (the pictures). All I know is that the mobile phone was long gone by then,” he told the Malay-language daily in Batam, Indonesia.

Hilmi, who is still wanted by police for questioning in connection to the nude photo scandal, however, refused to say if he had taken the pictures.

Hilmi is said to have told the Indonesian authorities his stay there had been funded by his family and PKR as it was not safe for him to remain in Malaysia.

Blogger Note:

Any sexual allegation, blame UMNO. UMNO buys everything and everybody but cannot buy Hilmi Malik. PKR does not buy anyone. PKR is squeaky clean.

Updated 22 January The Star reports
He also refuted claims that he feared being killed if he returns to Malaysia.

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