Thursday, February 23, 2012

New KTM Komuter Trains By End March

Please recall my post "KTM Commuters to Enjoy?" I asked,

By all accounts it is January of 2012, Christmas and both the Gregorian and Lunar New Years have all gone with no new coach in sight.

Does early 2012 mean March and does March mean early of the year?

Well, the Star just reports Transport Minister announcing that "A total of 10 new six-car trains will be added to KTMB's Komuter train fleet by the end of March."

I will not laugh for the moment, I have not seen a single train or set or whatever on a trial run never mind 10, and see whether the end of March date materialises.

These announcements by the Transport Ministry, KTMB and SPAD are exactly like the announcements at KTM komuter stations.

"Train ke Rawang akan tiba dalam masa sepuluh minit"

5 minutes later,

"Train ke Rawang akan tiba dalam masa tujuh minit"

5 minutes later,

"Train ke Rawang akan tiba dalam masa lima minit"

5 minutes later,

"Train ke Rawang akan tiba sebentar lagi"

3 minutes later,

"Train ke Rawang akan tiba dipletfom nombor satu"

2 minutes later, the train arrives.

So by the time the train arrives, 20 minutes later, an unannounced delayed/cancelled coach is not noticed at all.

Correction: No need to announce delay/cancellation. Where got?

Get it? Got it? Good.

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