Friday, February 24, 2012

Malaysia Supports Cardiff City Football Club in Carling Cup Final

I do not have to leave any hint, do I?

I am a Red blooded, Liverpool Football Club supporter.

This Sunday's Carling Cup final showdown between a David, Cardiff City Football Club and the Goliath of English football,  Liverpool Football Club, I dare say will be watched in every Malaysian football crazy household and watering hole.

The reason?

Apart from ever hating Mancis, Chelkis, Gonners et al rooting for an LFC loss, the Malaysian connection to Cardiff City FC is not lost among football loving fans.

Yes, Cardiff City Football Club is Malaysian owned.

The Sundaily reports "Carling Cup final conjures special feelings for Malaysia"

Malaysia has a special interest in the club since two well known businessmen – Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Datuk Chan Tien Ghee bought over the ailing club. They not only saved the club but also Welsh pride.
The Jalur Gemilang has a special place in Cardiff City and it will fly with pride at Wembley.

Who will I support?

Am I a Liverpool FC supporter first or a Malaysian first?

I support all efforts for the affection of the surety of a Cardiff City FC win.


BIGCAT said...

I am all for Cardiff this Sunday. Unlike the troublesome QPR, which is the other "Malaysian Club", Cardiff is a joy to follow. Datuk Chan is a very nice guy too. He regularly comes down to JB due to his Lido Boulevard project.

Freddie Kevin said...


You mean 'trouble for some' QPR. Haha. Thanks for some info on the Datuk.

I like the match up. Who ever wins I will be happy.

Rare win-win.

Glad you dropped by.