Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More When Pakatan Rakyat Forms the Federal Government

Nitty gritty.

If some of you have still not grasped the gist of my previous post, it is this - firstly, even before the Pakatan Rakyat could begin to govern, they do not have anyone capable, never mind creditable, to fill those Ministerial posts.

From the very top right down to the junior posts.

Even the capable ones numbering anywhere between 1 and 4, let's not be too cynical and dismissive, will be demanding those important posts, by the respective Pakatan Rakyat parties.

The bickering for those posts, I would even wager to say, would take at least a couple of months.

The policy fiasco I mentioned before, economic and foreign, will be nothing compared to national policies.

The conflicting ideologies of all 3 Pakatan parties would make filling those positions a new, powerful, internal combustion system.

Messr Karpal Singh being the most celebrated and renown legal eagle must be favoutite to land the Home Minstry portfolio, or most qualified and suited for Law Minister.

Also I mentioned depending on which party had garnered the highest number of seats, most likely hypothetically if PAS had the majority, can you imagine Karpal handed the Home or Law Ministership?

Horror of horrors, for the DAP in more ways than one, if PAS then decides to ban gambling.

The media circus, mainstream or alternative, would make Barnum and Bailey look like Mini Me.

Oh, oh. Before I forget, remember that number 2 post?

Don't you folks forget.

In the event that something calamitous happened to PM Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, god forbid for them and even us, number 2 will be number 1, numero uno.

Mull on that folks.

Coming back to Pakatan Rakyat component party ideologies, PAS is Islamic, DAP is secular and PKR is..well, defecto leader and PM Anwar supports Hudud and is a world renown moderate and liberal..what does that make PKR?

Since we cannot put on a specific fix on the PKR ideology, let's just say the PKR is - a family oriented party.

After all, the PKR defecto leader is PM Anwar, PKR president is Mrs Anwar, PKR deputy president is family friend Azmin Ali and highest polled PKR vice-president is daughter Makcik Nurul Izzah.

Yes folks it's all in the family.

One for all and all for one.

More to come when Pakatan Rakyat forms the Federal Government returns.

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