Friday, March 16, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim and the NED

From AIDC, "And now comes Anwar’s letters to Carl Gershman", President of the National Endowment for Democracy, NED.


Interview with Dr Webster Tarpley, "Tarpley: Egyptian Parliament votes Israel out as Moslem Brotherhood opens door to IMF austerity"


Press TV: Dr. Tarpley, we know the case of the Americans involved with the NGO’s and then they were accused of fomenting unrest.

Now the military rulers were accused of giving in on the pressure from America to release those American detainees.

Basically, how valid do you think are these allegations of both Israeli involvement and the American involvement in trying to create violence and unrest in Egypt?

Do you think that they are doing that to protect their interests?

Webster G. Tarpley: Well, certainly the National Endowment for Democracy is simply a machine for interfering in the political affairs of other countries and this applies to the National Democratic Institute which was once headed by Madeleine Albright who thought that 1.5 million deaths in Iraq was a reasonable price to pay for what she called democracy and the International Republican Institute.

In many ways, the NED and these two faces that it has represents a kind of privatization of the old post war, cold war, CIA, right?

This was done under [Ronald] Reagan, starting in the 1980s, that those functions were focused there. So I do not really see how any sovereign country can tolerate the presence of these organizations and claim to have independent politics.

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