Thursday, March 29, 2012

Billionaire Anwar Ibrahim

Not as yet.

The Brother has so far sued - Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong , one time close associate Dr Chandra Muzaffar and UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin, The NST, The Utusan and just a few days ago one time tennis partner, Senator Datuk Nallakaruppan and Utusan again.

A variety of suits for calling him a homosexual, inciting racial hatred, being an American agent, him calling homosexuality to be legalised and now being bisexual.

Collectively the Brother is set to collect a handsome total of RM 370,000,000 should he succeed in winning.

God forbid, should Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim become Prime Minister and with a notoriously compliant judiciary, the Brother will soon be making the Forbes list of Billionaires with more suits anyone can possibly expect, should the Pakatan Rakyat win the next General Elections, god forbid.

The first ones I would imagine would be the Datuk T trio especially the Datuk Eskay for their sexposé and AsiaOne for this link.

Another Anwar Bin Ibrahim Stupid Is as Stupid Does

This links to the unsworn statement from the dock by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim in Sodomy 2.0 and one as stupid is line, I particularly am impressed,

"It has to be observed at this stage the complainant could have, on his own admission in examination-in-chief, left the room as there is no evidence of any attempt by me to latch the door from inside."

If you don't get it you must be as stupid does.

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