Saturday, March 10, 2012

Islamic Extremism and Oppression

As a matter of choice I very rarely broach on matters related to Islam. That is not to say that I do not have any views when certain calls are made, in the name of Islam, which in my opinion is extreme and unreconciled in modern context, especially in our own country.

This still precludes me from making my views public. Islamic matters belong in the Muslim domain.

That said I can state one example, calls to avoid observing Valentine's Day.

All I will say that even Christians do not consider the day as being religiously symbolic.

Recently, prominent blogger OutSyed The Box had this post regarding the recent Erykah Badu controversy.

But then can you blame Muslims who caution against western influence that could promote sinful activities, when those who seek to redress what they see as extremities and oppresion in Islam, go about doing so in the manner all that is totally and sinfully abominable to Islam, Freedom unveiled: Iranian women strip to slam repression?


Anonymous said...


I've read the article you attached.

Stoning to death is not something which is gender bias as what the iranian woman claimed.

Stoning to death is a punishment for those who had commit adultery. This applied for both the man and woman.

Islam is very strict with regard to adultery. However, I've never heard this punishment being carried out and furthermore the judge will also look into the marital well being of the individuals involved before sentencing.

As for valentine's day, I do not think muslim's should embrace every western culture or values that surround's them.

I like what the Kelantanese do, they are not happy with valentine's day so that invented the husband and wife day, on the same date. Creative of them.


Freddie Kevin said...


Agreed, Valentine's Day is western cultivated concept and it is innovative on the part of PAS to educe an husband'wife day.

As I said, matters conecerning Islam I am rarely deigned to touch upon.

My message should not be missed, when needing to resolve issues, the manner should not have the opposite effect and western culture as you say should not be wholly embraced, by anyone.