Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letter to Minister of Transport - KTM Komuter Deplorable Service and Empty Promises

Further to my previous post, I do not know whether The Star published my letter but will not be surprised if it did not. No matter, I have sent the same to the Minister today.

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Here it is.
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From: Freddie Kevin De Souza
Date: 15 March 2012 10:47
Subject: KTM Komuter Deplorable Service and Empty Promises
To: "editor@thestar.com.my"

YB Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha
Minister of Transport
Blok D5,Kompleks D,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62616 Putrajaya,

YB Datuk Seri Kong,

KTM Komuter Deplorable Service and Empty Promises

I am a daily user of KTM komuter. I humbly implore your good self to give kind attention to the following:

1. I have deep suspicions the deplorable service that is severely inconveniencing commuters travelling daily is an attempt by irresponsible elements within KTMB to affect displeasure at the Government.

2. These suspicions were reinforced when the very next day after the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had launched the new set of SCS trains 8 March, a very significant date, there was a serious disruption to KTM Komuter services at the peak hours of the morning in the Rawang-Seremban routes both to and fro.

It is too much of a coincidence.

3. It has been a week after the launch of the new SCS trains but the KTM Komuter service has gone from bad to worse. If they are not deliberate acts, then it can only be - INCOMPETENCE, starting at the very top of KTMB.

4. I do not believe that your good self, the hundreds of Transport Ministry officers and the head of KTMB downwards are unaware of the thousands of commuters' daily predicament.

5. The buck stops at your office doorstep, at your Ministry.

6. No more empty promises. The wretched service since the launch has caused so much distress and inconvenience to travelling workers and students and is an insult to the integrity of our Deputy Prime Minister.

7. The rakyat are no longer the meek sheep to takes things sitting down or in this case being crammed, like sardines. We endure herd mentality day in and day out, just to board a train, but rakyat are also no longer stupid, like cows.

8. We should not be treated like animals.

9. Please take immediate action to alleviate our daily misery.

If the tenor of this letter is harsh I do apologise but you deserve it.

Yours truly

Freddie Kevin De Souza
This is a comment from a reader in response to my post:
Anonymous said...

last saturday evening, i was waiting for a train heading to Port Klang and as usual, one of it was cancel. (the announcement said delay.. what delay if the 1906hrs train only arrive at 1936hrs. tht's cancellation to me)..

anyway, others were waiting for the trains to seremban. i dont really know how long they waited but the crowd do show it was looongg.. and then, within 15 minutes, 3 trains coming to KL Sentral and heading to seremban.. one after another. of course, only the 1st train was full to the brim as everyone did not want to wait any longer for something uncertain. the 2nd (apparently an SCS) and the 3rd train, were particularly empty..

the problem with KTM Komuter is not about the trains. its always about schedule and reliability.. when kelana jaya LRT was still operating on 2-coach trains, people don't really complain a lot because during peak hours, they only need to wait for 2-3 minutes. but that is not the case with Komuter.

imagine, KTM have 4 types of services plying the same track. ETS, inter-city, Komuter & cargo. how are they able to cramp all 4 services into one track, i dont really want to know. all i see is DELAY DELAY DELAY..

there was one time, at Batu Tiga station, the announcement said there was delay to the service, at the same time, i saw a cargo train using the track.. slowly moving..

so, the delay was not entirely because of weather, it's partly due to KTMB's own schedule and GREED to take all.

PRIORITY needs to be set. passenger service or cargo service
I have emphasised the following statement "the problem with KTM Komuter is not about the trains. its always about schedule and reliability.." which is exactly my sentiments.

Is there any Komuter schedule in the first place?

There is no fixed schedule from what I have gathered.

The schedules are haphazard and beyond comprehension, trains to the same destination arriving at the same time as mentioned by Anon reader, and regular Komuter travellers will attest.

And the announcements? They are inaccurate, if your are not so anguished, good for a laugh and most of all unreliable.

I must add The Star is mischievous, it reported yesterday "New trains to increase ridership"

The Transport Ministry and The Star is making mockery and a disservice to our Deputy Prime Minister, when there is no improvement in sight.

Delays are still occurring.

Empty promise, "Steps being taken to improve KTM service"

Another empty promise, KTM Komuter to add 10 new trains this month"?

Folks, those are the new 10 six-coach-sets the Transport Minister is talking about.

I said it before, I won't laugh yet, again.

When my Komuter buddies and me read and talk about all the news reports on KTM Komuter, we have a good laugh, cynical laughs.

Blogger notes:

Daily, there are 480,000 Komuter travellers. Multiply 480,000 tired and disgruntled commuters by two adults per household and you get close to a staggering 1.5 million with no confidence. That's not counting relatives, sympathetic friends and fellow office workers.

Daily, 1.5 million very, very unhappy people from Rawang to Seremban and Batu Caves to Pelabuhan Klang.


Anonymous said...


Like you I have written to newspaper for my disgruntle on few issues. Unfortunately, it didn't get published.

I wish your luck is better then mine.

About KTM schedule, I did try once to get schedule for the journey to Johor but I cannot retrieve it from the website. Still cannot see anything from KTM website. It is not a very "up to standard website" if you would bother to visit.

To correct you on LRT service, it is true that during peak time, there were a lot of trains, but when there were 2 coaches, commuters have to wait 3 to 4 trains as the train were occupied to the fullest up to the last inches. We could win the world record for the highest density of commuters using the LRT train.

This was particularly very uncomfortable for the women who commute using the LRT.

If I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong, only when PM Abdullah decided to take a trip using the LRT and Kommuter that he found out what a lousy predicament we are all facing.

Then, the LRT upgraded to 4 coaches and Komuter upgraded to more coaches.

So, the best thing to resolve any matters in this country is to wait the PM to experience himself. Only then all the management paper to upgrade services for the people can be approved.



Anonymous said...


By the way, there is a story from star today relating to your article,


So, KTM komuter will be the backbone high capacity urban transportation to encourage people to switch to public transportation.

Let see if they can resolve the delays problem in a few years time or few decades. (By the way, KTM have been around for more then half of century).



Freddie Kevin said...


Terima kasih for the wishes but it is not only The Star. I had once written on another matter to The Sundaily and turned out that my letter was not published, an assumption, because of conflict of interest. Theirs not mine.

Schedules can be had at twitter @ktmkomuter. Cannot vouch for accuracy, to be honest have not tried.

I cannot recall KTM adding new. coaches during slumberjack's time.

How to be backbone when KTM Komuter is suffering from severe spondylosis just like me.

You are correct about KTMB by name being half a century old but it has been in existence far longer than that.

As for when will all be A-OK?

Wait, wait, wait.

Happy weekdays to you.


Anonymous said...


I think Pak Lah trigger the upgrading of coaches during the last days of his tenure. There were Ong Tee Keat taking trips on Komuter trains from the news.

After that, the new coaches probably arrived during Najib tenure. That is my assumption.

All this while I thought the LRT was design only with two coaches. Why don't they install 4 coaches in the first place. Furthermore, it should be MRT not LRT that should be built like in Singapore an Thailand.



Anonymous said...


Did you send your letter (article) to http://transitmy.org? Perhaps it gets more attention through them.....just an idea though.


Freddie Kevin said...


Good suggestion.

However, I would rather have my grievance as first person rather than thru 3rd party.

I will keep your suggestion under consideration non the less.

Thanks for your presence.


Anonymous said...

I really like the frequent announcement onboard : " train ini sedang menunggu isyarat bergerak dari pusat kawalan train- terima kasih aras kesabaran anda" really amusing! today, I am late by 1 hour!

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 9.06,

I believe you may have been caught in the delay from Thursday to Saturday due to track repairs. Yes, those announcements become annoying when they are not precise, vague or inaccurate. I almost always buy a weekly tickets and although I did not work the last weekend, two days paper loss *sigh*, cos took alternative transport to and fro on Thursday and going home Friday. Expect more delays due to the rainy reason especially when rain is heavy. I wrote delays will always be a feature unless the human resource, infrastructure and maintenance issues are not taken into consideration and asking what are the contingencies.

We all must admit the new sets of trains have very much alleviated the past daily misery of commuters of KTM Komuter.

Thank you for the comment. Happy commuting.

Best regards