Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Malaysian Insider Never Learns

As always, an apology or correction and everything is hunky dory. What damage done in the perspective that is relevant to the subject does not matter.

My previous post and today,
'We have withdrawn a report headlined "Five issues holding up likely June polls say sources" as Datuk Seri Jamaluddin Jarjis has denied he is the BN Manifesto Committee chairman or had briefed journalists from the NSTP group this past week.

The Malaysian Insider and I stand corrected in his involvement in this matter.'
But still the recalcitrant Malaysian Insider wants to have a last say with a spin headline, "Jamaluddin Jarjis denies TMI report — Jahabar Sadiq"

Denying a report does not have to carry any correction which stops short of an apology if you stand by your report in spite of any denials.

What it means is it's was bald faced lying report by the Malaysian Insider that only benefits the opposition, stinks to high heaven and questions the credibility of this news portal, again and again.

"I am therefore demanding that you remove the posting with immediate effect and also run an apology for your article of untruths I also reserve the right to institute further action against you and your newspaper.
Lastly I find it most unfortunate that a newspaper which claims to offer “an unvarnished take on events and personalities in Malaysia” and one that claims to have among their readers “Malaysians who crave for balanced and serious reporting on issues” can take such a lax attitude towards the authenticity of its information and the credibility of its sources." - Jamaluddin Jarjis


Anonymous said...

JJ must sue the pants of The Malaysian Insider so that the other thrash media will learn a lesson.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 11.08,

I fully agree. The call themselves Malaysia ini and itu but have no problem problem tarnishing the country.

Thank you

Pendakyah said...

sue them?
"No freedom of press in Malaysia"
"The end of freedom of speech"

sound familiar?

Even Menteri Amaran Dalam Negeri do nothing bout them.

Freddie Kevin said...


There is no such thing of freedom of the press anywhere in the world.

Every press in the world practices self censorship according to company "policies" or for expediency.

But don't tell lies.

Gag order in the Karpal/Ramasamy spat..settle internally.


Anwar is sueing Utusan and Sen Nalla. If he blames UMNO, which he has not, I hope UMNO will counter sue pants off him.

Thank you for the comment.

Have a good week ahead.