Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Malaysian Insider Never...Never Mind This is About Anwar Ibrahim

The Malaysian Insider reports "Anwar: GE13 a class war" and has these few lines,
Anwar’s plea to voters comes after a survey conducted last month by independent pollsters Merdeka Center found that Najib’s popularity had surged by 10 percentage points to 69 per cent largely on the back of 78 per cent support from households earning under RM1,500 a month.

The centre credited this largely to Putrajaya’s RM500 cash handout to households with a monthly income of under RM3,000 under the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia programme.

Najib’s predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s approval rating was 71 per cent before the 2008 polls but BN lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority and four state governments.
What Malaysian Insider implies, in the last paragragh above, no need for rocket scientist to figure.

Reading the three paragraphs the approval ratings Malaysian Insider cites Merdeka Center polls, right?

This is Pak Lah's popularity rating according to Merdeka Center -

"Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s approval rating was 71 per cent before the 2008 polls but BN lost.."

Can laugh or not?

Never mind this is about Anwar Ibrahim.

Oh, before I forget,
“This battle this election is about the masses the workers the low-income earners against the rich cronies of Umno ” - Anwar Ibrahim.
For some serious reading on Anwar cronies read another masterly A Voice "Opening of Anwar's Pandora Box"

To follow in the footsteps of the Master [Sorry friends ... as usual, have to be humorous. Do take it lightheartedly.] going back in time, a take on Anwar Bin Ibrahim and some other personalities.


Dr M: The Hero
Anwar: The Villain
Shamsidar Taharin: She came, He saw, He came
Senior DPP Abdul Gani Patail: Main man out to nail Anwar's ass to the wall
Raja Aziz Addruse: Main man out to save Anwar's ass
Normala Yusof: Media's Pin-Up Girl (Best Face in the Case Award)
Augustine Paul: Beast Face in the Case Award
Ummi Hafilda: Media's Ex-Pin-Up Girl
Wan Azizah: The only sure loser
Megat Junid: The Postman
Observers: Busybodies
NGOs: Nosy, Gullible Organisations
Nallakaruppan: The Pimp
Datuk Mohd Said Awang: He may or may not be SB director. I can't remember.

We had the pre-Commonwealth Games, then the Commonwealth Games. Now it is the post-Commonwealth Games. Below are some of the results:

Gold: FRU (for firing water cannons to a distance of 300 metres)
Silver: IGP (for shooting his mouth ever so often)

Gold: Anwar (Backstroke, Freestyle, both were come-from-behind victories)

Gold: Winner on countback - Dr M (for striking Anwar down the gutter)
Silver: IGP (for striking Anwar down the gutter)
Bronze: A-G (for striking Anwar down the gutter)

Gold: IGP (for giving Anwar a blue-black eye)

Gold: FRU (their experience with the baton paid off)

3,000 steeplechase
Gold: 3,000 protesters (for running for their lives when chased by FRU)

Hammer Throw
Gold: FRU (for hammering protesters and throwing tear gas canisters)
Silver: Police (for hammering Anwar when he was thrown in jail)

Triple Jump
Gold: Anwar (for jumping Sukma, Munawar and the driver)

Gold: Mahathir's supporters (for carrying PM's balls for 18 years, including Anwar)

On a serious note, back in time "ANWAR JEKYLL & ANWAR HYDE"
But he promised he would not change. He would stick true to his ideals. Which ones? He first changed his dressing. No more chapals, white shirts with epaulettes and cotton pants. It was designer suits, Italian shoes and silk shirts from now on. After all, had not Mahathir promoted him to full minister. He had to live the part.

No more mangy hair. This was replaced by properly cut and coiffured hairstyles. No more the large framed glasses. This were replaced by Cartier glasses. And the slight, slight tinge of expensive cologne.

Had the change in his personal looks not affected his professed ideals, he would still be doing alright. But no. Not Anwar. He would say one thing in public, one thing in private and do something completely different.

As Mahathir continued promoting him, making him education minister and then finance minister, Anwar's friends started getting richer as well. But that is another story.
See, it's about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim so read the whole article above.

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