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Tun Mahathir's Letters to Israeli PMs and Anwar Ibrahim's Support for All Efforts To Protect The Security of the State of Israel

It all began with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, the Wall Street journal reporting his answer, to an undetermined question,
"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel," said Mr. Anwar, although he stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, a step which he said remains contingent on Israel respecting the aspirations of Palestinians. Malaysia has consistently refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, although limited commercial ties exist between private companies in the two countries.
Digressing, for all his explanations and clarifications, the Brother has not specified what exactly the question was. Neither has the WSJ. No matter.

The anxiety it created among his followers and fellow opposition partner, PAS, and very quickly pounced upon by those who know the Brother all too well, much has already been written.

The support for Israel by Anwar came as no surprise for the Tun, Dr M: Anwar does not think of the welfare of Palestinians. To defend his defacto leader, PKR Director of Communication Nik Nazmi made a weak attempt to imply that Dr M too had been close with Zionists.

All the young upstart could offer was lobbyist Jack Abramoff and a purported signing of a military agreement with America in 1984 — the Bilateral Training and Consultation Agreement, BITAC. No problem, I will also link BITAC here.

The Brother took it a step further to make it look even more sinister, Tun Mahathir meeting the Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin, and calling the Tun a hypocrite in the process, Anwar says ‘hypocrite’ Dr M met Israeli PM.

No need then, to ask where all this confidential information about the Tun comes from.

The wet behind the ears Communications Director, in "exposing" BITAC, a mere 1 year old pamper-wetting infant when the agreement was signed, is another example. 

BITAC was signed in 1984, Tun Mahathir in January of the same year met the US President at the time, Ronald Reagan. In Remarks of the President and Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad of Malaysia Following Their Meetings, President Ronald Regan said,
Malaysia shines as an example in many areas. Its vibrant economy, complemented by balanced social development and flourishing democratic institutions, should serve as an inspiration to developing nations.

On the international scene we discussed the situation in the Middle East. Although we have differing views on certain aspects of this complicated situation, we both seek an end to the turmoil that has engulfed the area for too long.
Tun Mahathir said,
We also took a closer look at a number of important developments and trends in the world in both the political and economic context and discussed what could be done to safeguard and promote global peace, economic development, and political stability. We discussed at length major global economic issues. I'm pleased to note that both our governments recognize that, in the interest of global peace and stability, it is important for both the industrially advanced and the developing countries to make progress on these major issues.
We do not expect handouts in our search for a better tomorrow. Quite clearly, of the many issues that we have been discussing, aid placed a minor or even an insignificant role. What we look for are new areas of cooperation and collaboration, particularly in the area of economy and trade interchange to help us in the realization of our aspirations to be a more self-relying and progressive nation.
This is the measure of Tun Mahathir, bluntly telling the most powerful country in the world, Malaysia does not want it's charity or nothing in return for any of it's cooperation and collaboration.

The US President and Tun Mahathir's statements puts paid to the PKR Communication Director's miserable assertion.

So it was, disinformation of letters written to the Israeli Prime Ministers by the Tun, began making the rounds. The sole purpose being to deflect shit from the Brother that hit the Pakatan Rakyat fan with his fantastic statement of support.

When the Government decided and made public 3 letters from the Tun to the Israeli Prime Ministers, it confirmed what everyone also expected, the Tun and Malaysia's unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

No diplomatic ties to Israel until a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue is permanently achieved. No diplomatic ties, no recognition of the State of Israel.

This in effect also confirmed the thrust of the Tun Mahathir/Israel disinformation propagated by the Brother and his die-hard sycophants bore the all too familiar Anwar Ibrahim trademark, deception.  

Pakatan Rakyat brother in arms, the DAP, is noticeably silent in this controversial  Pakatan designated PM statement to support all efforts to protect the security of the State of Israel and the Mahathir letters.

Earlier mentioned, it was the other Pakatan brother in arms, the Islamic Party PAS, that took exception to the Brother anwar's support for Israel.

But after all that sabre rattling to force Brother Anwar to withdraw his outrageous statement, all the Islamic party could come out with were self preserving statements by their spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz and the Dewan Ulamak. Saying everything with nothing more to say in the matter.

Giving no further action for their coalition leader Brother Anwar, PAS, to deflect some shit off their own fan, jumped on the bandwagon to support the disinformation of the Mahathir letters.

A futile attempt at distortion by PAS to confirm their distorted stand with no further action for their Brother Anwar Ibrahim.

I personally like to emphasise this distorted stand as typified by PAS oriented thinking scholars particularly, Haji Subky Abdul Latif, in his Malaysia Insider article, Umno tak boleh persoal Anwar tentang Israel with the following,

Kalau "Hanya PAS saja yang ada sikap tegas dan tidak berdolak dalik tentang hubungan dengan Israel", kenapa PAS boleh berdolak dalik dengan Anwar Ibrahim tentang hubungan dengan Israel?
I will end the final part of the series of the Tun Mahathir letters by quoting Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim in Parliament,
Seharusnya ada satu suara yang lebih tegas menekan badan antarabangsa mendakwa semua penjenayah yang terlibat berterusan di Gaza dan sebelumnya di Tebing Barat tetapi kita juga tahu seperti mana yang disentuh tadi, tidak ada siapa yang percaya Israel yang dikelilingi oleh ratusan juta umat Arab mampu berbuat demikian tanpa dukungan Amerika Syarikat.

Mereka menggunakan USD21 bilion jumlah bantuan ketenteraan Amerika Syarikat, teknologi ketenteraan seperti pesawat F16, helikopter Apache dan peluru berpandu yang diguna untuk membunuh rakyat awam termasuk korban yang terbesar di kalangan wanita dan kanakkanak.

Sedang dirunding sekarang di antara Israel dengan Amerika Syarikat adalah untuk menambah 75 F35 Joint Strike Fighters, sembilan C130J-30 pesawat pengangkutan, empat kapal perang untuk memperkukuh keupayaan Israel berdepan bukan sahaja dengan rakyat Palestin di Tebing Barat dan Gaza tetapi dengan seluruh kekuatan Arab.
where Anwar authoritively declares the overwhelming military might of Israel over the strength of the entire Arab world, read together with his gregarious  statement, "I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel", no matter how hard Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim tries to clarify, he is not only two-faced but a pontificating liar and biggest hypocrite.

Blogger Note:

No translation is provided because matters exposing Anwar Ibrahim will never see the light of day in the Western English media promoting the Anwar agenda, more so when it is in our Malaysian national language.

Anwar Ibrahim may have been concerned for the security of the State of Israel because Israel's current nuclear arsenal range from about 100 to over 400 weapons may not be adequate.

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