Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Bizarre, Macabre and Shocking Tales

No, these are not tales but true stories.

Bizarre, macabre and shocking.

The first, "Witness: No conspiracy between KLH, police in Baharudin's death" in the Malay Mail.

The macabre part,
"Investigating officer Sgt Major Razali Mahmud, 50, also told the court that he did not agree with the suggestion by counsel Patrick Dass, who is representing Baharudin's family, that he had been instructed to have the deceased's heart switched with that of another deceased while the autopsy was being carried out on the night of the day that Baharudin died."
The Malay Mail has been more responsible in reporting this bizarre question by counsel for the late Baharuddin Ahmad, who passed away in that BERSIH 2.0 rally.

The Star has the other deceased named in their report.

Why bring an innocent and also deceased person and his family into an inquest that has got nothing to do with them?

Should the other deceased family now ask for an exhumation to verify the counsel's charge in the line of question?

No wonder Pakatan Rakyat leaders Hadi and Kit Siang look gloomy (pic from Malaysian Insider)

Now for the Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Bizarre but not shocking.

The Brother laments in "Anwar: Pakatan unhappy with EC, may delay state polls" that "the leaders of PR states are still negotiating on whether to hold simultaneous polls with national elections but added there was fear the alleged voter roll manipulation could greatly affect the pact’s chances if it remains unresolved."

Read on and you see stupid is as stupid does.

What is there to negotiate "whether to hold simultaneous polls with national elections" when "We (Pakatan Rakyat) have compelling evidence and facts to support our argument that the election process is fraudulent."

This is the type of "credible" coalition that says one thing one day and another incredible thing another day and which aspires to sit in Putrajaya?

Just last month, the PKR, party of de facto leader, deputy president Azmin Ali had earlier stated,
"I do not foresee any major objection in simultaneously dissolving the state assemblies, as the full term of office is drawing to a close by the middle of next year."
In fact, the de facto's blue eyed boy, "Azmin said Pakatan might get Penang and Selangor to agree to simultaneous elections."

Flash back in January, daughter and vice-president of PKR, party of de facto leader, Nurul Izzah suggests that the polls would not be delayed because "Pakatan claims polls delay may cost BN votes" -
"It (the general election) has to be held within the timeline of the Budget goodies’ handouts,” PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar told The Malaysian Insider in a SMS response yesterday.
Also concurred by her KR1M shopping buddy, the failed Singapore venture businessman and fellow Pakatan MP, Tony Pua -
“The goodwill arising from the on-going cash handouts to the populace — RM100 to school children RM500 to low-income households etc — will dissipate within a few months,” DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua agreed
Unless my uneducated mind is failing me, what all these statements mean are that should BN delay elections it would cause the ruling coalition to lose valuable votes.

So how come the PKR vice-president's father, Brother Anwar, now wants to postpone elections, albeit Selangor state elections, if the elections held sooner would cause the BN to lose votes which would be beneficial to the opposition pact?

Stupid is as stupid does Pakatan Rakyat supporters will not wonder why it is only the Brother who is making these exclamations, postponing state election, when the other PAS and DAP leaders are being silent.

The possible reason the Brother suddenly came out with his Selangor state election delay proposition could be a diversion after getting caught with his pants down promise to abolish the PTPTN, which Tun Mahathir disclosed "PTPTN was set up when Anwar was DPM." and  "Hansard shows opposition supported PTPTN" as reported by the Mole.

Did I hear him right, he will abolish PTPTN? (pic from the Mole)

See? This is the type of "credible" coalition that says one thing one day and another incredible thing another day and led by the Brother who aspires to sit at the top in Putrajaya.

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