Friday, April 20, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Bizarre, Macabre and Shocking Tales (2)

My previous post was actually unfinished if anyone had noticed.

I covered the macabre and the bizarre and did not put the finishing shocking touch.

Datuk Rocky in his latest Bru posting "Bad Drivers" lists among the bad drivers one who allegedly stole some money from an artist, a pretty sum of money from a pretty artist, and was duly reported to the police.

Parallel, somewhat, is a famous corruption case, involving an infamous and at the time UMNO politician, arising out of a police report made by the politician's assistant involving said politician's driver.

That driver too is mentioned in the Bru's latest posting.

What was supposed to be my shocking revelation was and can now be found at Rocky's Bru - there is UMNO politician from Sabah allegedly implicated as a result of the theft reported by the artist in a counter police report by the driver.

While Rocky's Bru mention had linked to Keadilan Daily, I had been brought to attention of the matter in another blog post, dinturtle - Blogger PARTI MELAYU's "Shafie Apdal-Zahida Rafik-Noor Azman-RM1.4juta ? Apa Pulak Nih .....".

The shock is not so much an alleged romantic involvement but the allegation of large sums of money involved, as gifts to the artist.

These are serious allegations and cannot be ignored as it may have a catastrophic political fallout for the BN.

Can all of this be related, one way or another, to another UMNO politician from the same state?

Blogger Hantulaut has made a couple of postings, "If Pigs Had Wings Sarawak Report Is The Gospel" and a follow up "ICAC And UBS Say No Comment to Sabah Money Laundering Report".

When I first read "Pigs Had Wings", I too found the Sarawak Report hard to believe.

Be that as it may, the follow up "ICAC And UBS Say No Comment", no comment MACC or the AG?

But in asking however, said "Sandakan trader denies arrest claim".

Readers, all these allegations were actually raised back in 2008 and resurrected lately when "PKR vows tell-all after authorities turn deaf ear to Sabah scandal".

When I asked whether any of this may be related to another UMNO politician from the same state, it was from the first Hantulaut posting that led me to another blog posting, "Suluk Filipinos make renewed attempt to seize power in Sabah"

Is the present alleged artist's politician confidant the one the above blogger is referring to?

While the blogger does not specifically name the politician, one is led to assume the identity of the politicain in the comment section.

Relevant excerpts -
"Their “secret weapon” was to recycle an old story on a timberman, one Michael Chia Thien Foh, and allegedly close to Musa, being nabbed with some RM 16 million at one time at Hong Kong Airport. Some media reported RM 17 million.

"The story, as it now transpires, is that Chia was not carrying Malaysian or foreign currency on him, albeit in substantial amounts, at that time apart from his credit cards and some petty cash in his wallet. The Hong Kong authorities had apparently jumped the gun, acting on a public tip-off that was later traced to a telephone call which came from a public telephone booth in Semporna, and was left red-faced in the process."
But more interesting -
"It’s not surprising that PKR has no qualms about walking on the wild side of politics in Sabah. It’s an open secret in the state that Opposition Leader and de facto PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim was among the chief architects responsible for placing illegal immigrants, mainly drawn from Suluk Filipinos, on the electoral rolls. He was then in the BN Government as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister."
And even more interesting -
"Between the Suluk Filipinos and Anwar/PKR, they are not too happy that Musa has since pledged support for the proposed Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah."


"Mindful that the Dusuns and Muruts through Joseph Pairin Kitingan and the Parti Bersatu Sabah are solidly behind Musa, the Suluk Filipinos recently tried to sponsor KDM Malaysia as an NGO to further split the non-Muslim Natives as a political force to reckon with in the state. Their efforts came to nothing and the NGO is currently on the verge of being deregistered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS)."
The Malaysian Insider, notoriously known to stretching and spinning truth, today reports "Sabah BN push for RCI on illegals before Najib’s weekend visit" and lends some weight to the bloggers article.

Had it not been for The East Malaysian states delivering solidly to the BN in the last GE, all of these alleged issues would be moot.

The opposition it has to be admitted, especially DAP, has made significant inroads albeit the urban seats, in the the last Sarawak state elections.

The BN must not allow them the same in Sabah.

Conspiracy theories and shocking allegations or not, PM Datuk Najib cannot afford to let matters lie.

These issues need urgent attention and clarifications. It will not go away quietly.

The opposition are masters in the art of distorting truths, disinformation and lies and will pounce on every opportunity to discredit the BN.

There is many a slip between cup and lip, BN must not stumble at the last hurdle in the coming general election race to Putrajaya.

For while BN Govt has always been answerable to the rakyat, we the rakyat do want to be answerable for a PR Govt.


Must read. The Master's Voice "Flying pots and pans in Shafie's household"


Dave Avran said...

Hi Freddie,

Good piece as usual. I enjoyed reading your way you hammered home your points. Really glad you are writing again. I missed your hiccup as I was overseas.

Keep on trucking, bro. We need voices of reason like yours :-)

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Dave,

You must be having your hands full. Good for you!

Yes, the issues that pissed me is right down your alley, one that is - stage show entetainmnt.

The other, of course, was ludicrous.

The point, we try to project all the good of the present Govt and all the effort would come to nought with just one stupid act.

Mine and ABITW latest says there is a lot the PM has to do to put BN's house in order.

Warm wishes in your further absence :)

Best regards