Saturday, April 14, 2012

Because the Stakes are Too High

The reason I was so fed up were because of two instances.

First there was this ballet "ban" thingy.

Then there was this LGBT movie ban.

Not only absurdity but an exercise of futility.

Don't make stupid "test market". We are not guinea pigs.

It may be a case of loose lip sinks ships.

Malaysia has been a model in the world for being a modern, moderate and progressive Muslim country.

Most of all, for having a diverse multi-religious, multi-cultural society living harmoniously in good times and bad times.

We embrace our differences as a source of strength rather than weakness.

The hallmark of Malaysians.

I certainly do not want my country to be like this or this.

We who support the BN Government are trying very hard to bring back the happiness and togetherness, lost for the past eight years or so.

But elements in the Government was seen bent, ignoring many calls especially in the blogosphere, to divide rather than unite.

BN politicians with old bad habits. As they say old habits die hard.

All our many efforts would be gone to waste by actions of idiotic, selfish and greedy few.

When bloggers expose corruption, cronyism and other serious weaknesses, the Government seem to look the other way.

Strange that the Government can bend over for the opposition but do not heed their supporters.

Indelible ink. A third world election practice. What gives?

The MAS/Air Asia shady deal is another glaring example.

But I have been emboldened by those who also care.

Very special thanks to Snuze, Bigcat and Anons. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement.

I am also inspired by this,
He (PM Datuk Seri Najib) took the opportunity to drive home the point that Islam was inherently and fundamentally a moderate religion which rejected extremism and respected other faiths.
Most of all because the stakes are too high.

I cannot imagine a perverted hypocrite like Anwar Ibrahim, a condescending hypocrite like Lim Guan Eng and religious hypocrites like Nik Aziz et al holding the reins of government.

Can you?

These foul creatures get their strength in dividing us, us Malaysians.

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