Saturday, April 28, 2012

DAP Quotes of the Day

"Lim added that Tunku Abdul Aziz had not informed the party leadership that he would be making his stand public and had therefore contradicted the DAP’s principle of collective decision-making." - Lim Guan Eng
In other words: We collectively decide your views.

So much for freedom of speech.
“DAP urges all Malaysians to join the Bersih rallies nationwide, especially at Dataran Merdeka,” - Lim Guan Eng
In other words: DAP calls on all Malaysian to break the law.

So much for upholding the rule of law.

Source: Malaysia Today


Anonymous said...

Never mind, we'll be organising the same for Penang, Selangor, Kedah and kelantan soon. Penang first. Since the Chinese have given the signal that it's perfectly alright to break all laws, and Guan Eng's clarion call to do just that - break laws - we Malays will also start breaking all laws in Penang.

Just wait and see. We want to reclaim Tanah Melayu!

Anonymous said...

Agree fully with your "In other words", bro.

Guan Eng's statement rather tough for the gentlemanly, and very correct, old man Tunku Aziz. The Tunku previously worked at the UN and has been used to etiquette, social norms, decency and decorum.

For saying Bersih is irresponsible, which is very justifiable, he got Guan Eng's rebuke of "irresponsible remark" must be very hard on him.

Perhaps Tunku Aziz should throow in the towel. My hopeful thinking, at least.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 10:07

Sabar, sabar.

Tanah Melayu tetap Tanah Melayu

Anon 10:44

Spoke to a Rocket supporter on Monday, when brought up the DAP vice-president remarks straight away change subject.

Good bullet for the so called champions of free speech.

Thank you both for the comment.

Been busy, sorry for late response.

Best regards