Monday, April 16, 2012

Pity Pity End to PTPTN Protest - Taking a Leaf From BERSIH 3.0

Prologue: "Free education, not a dream"
That was an article in the Star and relevant excerpts are as follows:
“If countries like Sri Lanka and Mauritius can give their students free education, why can’t we?

He added that over 5,000 students and youth will be expected at the rally in Dataran Merdeka.

Also present at the press conference was Mandeep Singh, the first PTPTN loan recipient to sue the agency.
The statement attributed to Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) chairman Muhammad Safwan Anang "that countries like Sri Lanka and Mauritius can give their students free education" must have been taken fro Wikipedia here.

Note the similar statements from wiki -
In Mauritius the government provides free education to its citizens from pre-primary to tertiary levels.

In some developing countries like Sri Lanka, education is free from the primary level to the tertiary level.
Is tertiary education in Mauritius free?

This 2006 study sponsored by UNESCO underlined the need for a loan scheme in Mauritius due to increasing financial constraints of the government for tertiary education.

It must have resulted in a loan scheme, The Tertiary Commission of Mauritius - Human Resource Knowledge and Arts Development Fund (HRKADF) -
Following the 2008/09 budget speech whereby the Minister of Finance, and Economic Empowerment announced that “no one should be turned away from Tertiary Education through lack of Funds”, the HRKADF was established by regulation made under Section 24 of the Finance and Audit Act.

The objects of the Fund relevant to Tertiary Education are the financing of:

a. Physical infrastructure for post-secondary education, such as buildings, equipment and various facilities; and
b. Student loan scheme and scholarships including a full scholarship for students attending or admitted in courses at post-secondary institutions in Mauritius with household income not exceeding Rs 10,000 per month and who face severe hardship following the death or serious incapacity of a wage earner.

In relation to the above, the Finance Division of the TEC undertakes the following activities:

i. Establishment of the Scholarship Scheme;
ii. Establishment of the Government Guaranteed Student Loan Scheme. This involved discussions with stakeholders such as the Mauritius Banker’s Association.
The application form for Scheme for Government Guarantee on Student Loans provided by Commercial Banks

These are fees being charged charged in the Universities in Mauritius.

Surely it shows that that it is not free in Mauritius.

What about Sri Lanka?

While it cannot be disputed that it provides free education, wikipedia Education in Sri Lanka provides this entry -
Undergraduate education in State Universities is also free but extremely limited.
This group of university and ex-university (the one who sued PTPTN) students should make a most forceful case for "5,000 students and youth will be expected at the rally in Dataran Merdeka". Note:The Star article is silent on day and date of rally.

There is no such thing as free tertiary education and free will come to an end sooner or later.

The financial cost governments bear is too great.

Apart from Mauritius, Scotland is another case to point, "Free higher education must end, says Universities Scotland"

Since the Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) chairman chose to pick Sri Lanka and Mauritius as his examples and I have only briefly touched on Sri Lanka, I afford some higher education developments in that country, I digress interestingly.

Is Sri Lanka’s Education System Faced With A Crisis? -
The involvement of the J.V.P and other left oriented organizations in using the university student population to create instability in the university system to achieve political advantage in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly apparent. These organisations should realize that an armed insurrection would never succeed in gaining political power in this country. Although there is a vehement denial of any such aspirations on their part, the present unrest at many universities based on minor problems faced by the university students indicates that there are attempts made in this direction by misleading the innocent student population. The government must act with absolute restraint and minimise the confrontations between the police and the protesting students. Force must never be used so as to result in death or grievous hurt to protesting students. Their problems must be addressed and solutions found without delay to nip the problem in the bud. The death of a student in any confrontation will undoubtedly anger the parents and draw the general public into the fiasco, which is the ultimate aim of these bankrupt politicians.
Modus operandi that sounds very, very familiar to me.

Of that "5,000 students and youth will be expected at the rally in Dataran Merdeka", "The protestors grew to several hundreds on Saturday night but while most left home later, about 50 pitched tents and vowed to stage a sit-in until April 28 to greet the planned Bersih 3.0 rally" and 50 defiant students remain in protest

Students now sitting-in "until April 28 to greet the planned Bersih 3.0 rally".

The planned BERSIH 3.0 rally against -
"widespread allegations of postal-vote fraud, to the hugely unreliable electoral register, to the scenes of mutiny outside polling stations that were closed before hundreds had been able to vote, this was a disgrace to the democratic process."
Sorry, that piece of "election fraud" is not from Malaysia it was taken from the Daily Mail online "Fiasco that would shame the third world", on the 2010 UK elections.

Surely, that cannot be. UK, rank 18th of only 25 fully democratic countries in the whole wide world. Surely, the UK with an impartial media cannot be so fraudulent.

What it all means is BERSIH is nothing more than an opposition loving and foreign funded lackey making all sorts of demands on unsubstantiated election "fraud".

In the matter of election rolls, "Electoral roll accurate with 99.6% match in listed details" -
PETALING JAYA: Survey findings of a national voter registration audit (VRA) shows that the accuracy of the electoral roll was high with a 99.6% match in the details listed in the identification cards and electoral roll of the voters.

The survey was carried out by the National Institute for Democracy and Electoral Integrity (NIEI), Centre for Independent Journalism and Merdeka Centre in December 2011.
BERSIH and the opposition will never tell you,
Daftar pemilih tambahan disediakan setiap suku tahun dan setiap daftar pemilih tambahan diperakukan apabila selesainya urusan pameran, tuntutan dan bantahan. Selepas tamat sesuatu suku tahun, masa yang diambil untuk memperakukan Daftar Pemilih Tambahan bagi suku tahun berkenaan adalah 6 hingga 8 minggu. Hanya selepas daftar pemilih tersebut diperakukan barulah ia boleh digunakan dalam pilihan raya umum atau pilihan raya kecil. Tempoh urusan pendaftaran dan penyediaan daftar pemilih bagi setiap suku tahun jelas menunjukkan proses ini.
It is here at the Election Commision official site and please get your own translation if you are not BM literate.

BERSIH and the opposition will never tell you that the election rolls is put on public display every three months and only after there is no claims or objections will it be gazetted and officially used in any election.

That is why BERSIH on behalf of the opposition cannot respond, "Panel: Back claims of electoral fraud" -
KUALA LUMPUR: ELECTION Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof has urged Coalition for Free and Fair Election (Bersih) to hand over supposed evidence of discrepancies in the electoral roll if indeed their claims were true.

"They (Bersih) should know that the EC has nothing to hide. If indeed there are such discrepancies, give us the details and we will update them if necessary," he told the New Straits Times yesterday.
In this post I said "For them who have never voted, we who have voted will tell you, don't fall to these two cons."

BERSIH and the opposition supporters who have voted know it is not easy to manipulate the voting system but have no compunction spinning a yarn. I even provided an article by blogger OutSyed The Box to that effect.

If the opposition candidate or their agents dispute the election result, the Borang 14 should not be signed. Once signed, the Borang 14 is an official endorsement affirming the result.

They cannot after affirming, dispute the result later to say the result is fraught with irregularites or fraud.

It is only an BERSIH abetted opposition tactic. An insurance and excuse in the event they loose badly as in the 2004 general elections to hide any real reason for the opposition's failure.

The BERSIH 3.0 will have the same pity pity end as these group of university and ex-university PTPTN protesters.


Snuze said...

I don't get these PTPTN protesters. Like, who forced them to sign the agreement? It's like me buying a car, had a good use of the car and then complaining that I have to pay back the bank who paid for the car in the first place.

Do they think the good things in life are always free?

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Hope things are good with ya.

Yeah, no one put a gun to their heads and students here are more fortunate as compared to those in the US.

PTPTN loans are spread over 15 years with a very low interest.

Anyway, the opposition had supported it's implementation.

Read Hansard shows opposition supported PTPTNfrom from The Mole.

Best always

Anonymous said...

But Najib son and daughter got Governmen scholarship in georgetown University-politik sains...waaaaaaaah...bolih.

Anwar Ibrahim daughter too get scholar ship John Hopkins....Samy Veloo son too-but failed exam -came back-now another murder case. So when got so much money for Lembus-what about Malaysian citizens-human right is education waht??? No -ah?

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 00:54,

Yes, there must be greater transparency where scholarships are concerned.

But, the issue is PTPTN.

PTPTN is a great help to those who are in need of financial assistance for further studies.

Available employment after graduating is foremost to allow repayment of the loan.

The Govt is sensitive to the needs of the rakyat, more so now, moving forward and adapting to a fast changing social and political environment to remain relevant and retain confidence.

I am all for human rights but I do not appreciate taking matters to the streets.

Thank you for your comment.