Thursday, April 26, 2012

Religion and Politics....A Churchgoer Too Part 2

It pays to be patient and subjects intertwine.

My previous post "BERSIH Idiots and a Voice of Reason" and the continuation of "Religion and Politics....A Churchgoer Too" fits hand in glove just in time to  respond a Side view from the Malaysian Insider, "The pulpit, the pastor and politics —Rama Ramanathan"

As an old fossil who is ignorant of Christian history and out respect to a more learned Mr Rama, I will not be so condescending as him.

Suffice to say I do not need a time machine to recognise that Christian pastors have taken political roles to alter the course of history positively, as in the case of Bishop Desmond Tutu and Cardinal Sin.

But I ask the learned Mr Rama, does the Christian situation in Malaysia warrant any political activism?

Political issues in Malaysia is subjective. Meaning if one is opposition inclined, opposition issues raised would be mooted by those pro-BN/Govt and vice versa.

Let's be frank, what is the main objective of Christianity. It is evangelism, the spreading of Christ teachings.

The point Mr Rama misses, dinosaurs like me and people like Steve Roads are not blind to the opposition taking full advantage of the objective for a political agenda.

Let's be very, very frank, if the Malay polity were to use religion in Mosques for a political agenda I am absolutely certain Mr Rama would vehemently object - "Cannot, cannot this is secular country!"

If Mr Rama disagrees, I will call him another hypocrite.

What then is his arduous article all about?

As far as Catholic church and I are concerned, I repeat, the Vatican says "Priests Do Not Have a Political Mission"
Nevertheless, Jesus never wanted to be involved in a political movement, and fled from every attempt to draw him into earthly questions and affairs (cf. Jn 6:15). The kingdom he came to establish does not belong to this world (cf. Jn 18:36). For this reason he said to those who wanted him to take a stand regarding the civil power: "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" (Mt 22:21)
and most significantly and how apt,
Like Jesus, he must renounce involvement in political activity, especially by not taking sides (which almost inevitably happens).
I don't know if Mr Rama is Christian and I couldn't care less.

For all his scholastic, academic and historical facts, the subject by which he chose to give an example viz a sodomite, you know where he is coming from -
Many older Malaysian Christians believe a precept of their religion is that faith and politics should be kept separate This belief is best illustrated by an example.

Once an older member of one church chastised me for commending a young preacher’s mention of the first Anwar trial in a sermon.
and where he is going to -
See you at Bersih 3.0
For all his pontificating, Mr Rama is another idiot who is intent on and encouraging people to break the law.

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