Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Religion and Politics..and Idiots

I feel a great degree comfort and some vindication.

I reiterate, Christian churches including my Catholic church have been heavily infiltrated, indoctrinated and influenced by opposition elements.

I am in full agreement with the writer in a letter to the Star, "Churches misusing the pulpit"
AS a practising Christian, I feel a sense of obligation to remind leaders of some churches not to allow the use of their pulpits for purposes other than for preaching the word of God.

I refer specifically to political sermons. Pastors and bishops are ordained by God to preach the Gospel, not incite people against the Government.

I would not have raised this issue if there had been only isolated cases of such misuse, but unfortunately the practice seems to be rampant, especially in some mainstream churches in Kuala Lumpur and other urban centres.

Some religious leaders are even inviting non-Christian politicians to address their congregations at church-organised seminars and meetings within the church compounds with clear political motives.

Don’t they realise they are being made use of by opportunist politicians who stoke emotions and preach divisive politics?

If church members wish to involve themselves in politics, they should join political parties and participate openly in political activities. And they should be prepared to take the risks too.

If they think that Christians need a greater voice in government, they should use the political process and the political parties to identify Christians and propose them as candidates for the next general election.

But do not use the church as your shield. When you do, you are doing other Christians a grave injustice.

I have heard many Christians say that all they want to do is to attend church service to worship and strengthen themselves spiritually.

But these days their desires are being hijacked, and they are receiving political indoctrination instead, much against their will. They resent this because they are apolitical.

But while they remain neutral they are fully aware of the political and other realities of life in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic society.

They have eyes to see. And they have noted that the exponential growth of Christians and churches in this country since independence is second to none in the world.

The 2000 Population and Housing Census Report indicates that approximately 11.5% of the rural population and 7.6% of the urban population are adherents to Christianity, making Christians the second largest and fourth largest faith community in their respective population strata.

History has proven, time and again, that religion and politics are a volatile mix. The goals are in conflict.

In the final analysis, as somebody once said “politics is about power and Christianity is about sacrifice”.

Church leaders should not indulge in self-righteous pontificating. They are of course entitled to their largely middle-class and upper middle-class Christian worldview, but they should realise that the government of the day has also to consider and accommodate the larger non-Christian lower middle-class worldview.

There is one other thing that I hope church elders will consider before they seek to remove the smote in others’ eyes.

I would ask them to spend some time in introspection. Isn’t there much that needs to be put right within the Church hierarchy and administration?

Deny not, like Peter did, albeit in different circumstances, that there are practices in the church that are not Christ-centred.

Is there politicking in church? Does money influence some decisions? Are there cliques and cronies? Please set these matters right first before casting the first stone.


Kuala Lumpur.
In the Sundaily papers today, regular columnist Oon Yeoh, has this headline for his column, "Let BERSIH Use Dataran".

I may not be a PhD or a Masters degree holder but I do have something called common sense.

The law is the law.

I wonder if this description has lost it's literal meaning - LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.



This Oon Yeoh is a closet DAP supporter who tried to hide his tracks. His views are biased.

If his opposition leaning proclivities are not a cause for his slanted views then he must be an IDIOT.

Blogger Note:

I have to be very blunt, anyone who instigate or break the laws of our land in the name of "civil society" must be thrown in the slammer, and anyone doesn't like the laws of our lands they can...FUCK OFF.


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