Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sincere Apologies

I sincerely apologise to readers who find my recent posts offensive.

I am by nature NOT one to express myself by explicit language.

It happens when and because I and angered and feel strongly about issues affecting my country and yours.

BERSIH and hypocritical opposition leaders exploiting their gullible supporters for political gain will lead the country to ruin and destroy our way of life and true liberty for their selfish goals.

Hence, I will not apologise to those who are subject of my expletive assault.

Datuk Ambiga, who will sell the country for 30 ringgit. The devil incarnate himself, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. DAP Secretary General and evil lawbreaker, Lim Guan Eng. And all their ilk.

News mediums, mainstream or alternative and their servile reporters/columnists when they contrive to distort and lie for attention and profit. Especially when they are biased with obvious agendas.

I wish everyone a happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Understandable, bro.
Watching the violence, I can't believe this is Malaysia. They chant "hancur, hancur" can't they see it's the nation that will hancur.
Is this what we want?

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize bro. You're spot on how you described these idiots. The know nothing but lie and lie. And you've got donkeys who will just go where ever their master tell them to go without thinking of the consequences or if the facts that their master present are true. It's a sad fact of affairs. But this is what the majority of peace loving Malaysians will have to with. Come GE 13, I hope and trust that we send them a clear and loud message and one and for all, rid this country of the likes of AI and his idiots!


Freddie Kevin said...

To Anons,

Thanks for the comments and I sincerely apologise for the late reply. Busy, have to put food on the table.

Best regards