Monday, May 21, 2012

I am Guilty Until Proven Innocent But I Feel Good

The Sundaily says I am "Presumed Guilty". Yes folks, someone, the opposition or even the government, if frequent allegations of trumps are to believed, can do some pretty ugly things, using "your" identity. And you're headed for some nasty discovery expedition of National Geographic proportions with the authorities.

But I feel good today. I won't be admonishing Nazri or Hisham or Gani, whoever authored such an uncommon sense law, on account of what is reported in a mainstream media.

The opposition MPs must be sleeping on this, don't you think?

If anyone is feeling blue today, cannot blame them. Manchester City and Chelsea has many seeing red.

But I feel good today. The Reds managed to prevent total blues even if it was the Carling.

They say, no, Mourinho himself says he is the "Special One".

But I feel good today. I say Matteo is the "Only One". All the best to him.

Some may have probably heard about Martin Jalleh. I am not presumed. I am guilty when I opine this guy is an extreme right Christian with footprints of the opposition.

But I feel good today. I won't say nasty things about the silly man and his latest in the insidious, "The mutation of Tunku Aziz — Martin Jalleh".

To quote the same from MJ (the real one is deceased), all I will say is  - "The excerpts of his article and his glaringly contradictory silly stance today are sufficient to reveal the transparent and telling self-inflicted tragedy of the man"

Feeling good, I append what Tunku Aziz has said and readers can decide whether MJ, the fake one, is spitting in the right direction.
I at no time had withdrawn my support for Bersih. I have always supported Bersih for what Bersih stands for. I've spoken for free and fair elections on several occasions. Not as vice-chairman of DAP but in my other capacities. So to say that Tunku is opposed to Bersih is something that the party and Pakatan Rakyat had been working hard to promote, is a little disingenuous.

And somehow it smacks of a reluctance or inability to see the difference between supporting free and fair election activity, and not supporting these activities if they were illegal

I support Bersih but I do not support breaking the law. As simple as that. But you check that rebuke of me and there's no mention that I was not against Bersih but merely against sitting at Dataran Merdeka because the court had ordered the participants not to breach it and the owner of the land. - Tunku Aziz. Full version of the Q&A with Tunku Aziz
Because, I feel good today.

Blogger Note:

Since it has been a Happy Blue Year and the colours of the Barisan Nasional is Blue, it bodes well to have the 13th General elections this year.

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