Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marina Mahathir - Spoilt

How will I describe Marina Mahathir - spoilt.

I admit I am not in her class where writing articles are concerned.


But she seemed to have contracted what I call opposition supporter dunggu syndrome.

No, I did not say she is an opposition supporter, I said contracted opposition supporter dunggu syndrome.

Opposition supporter dunggu syndrome is saying something and contradicting oneself out of some expedient self inflicted ignorance.

Even her article title No, We're Not Egypt..I think...she is not sure but is sure -
This is why we are not Egypt. In this we agree with our government. We are NOT Egypt. But then why respond in such Mubarak-like fashion?
Marina, if really our police responded in Mubarak-like fashion as you suggest, you would have a Death toll from Egypt protests: At least 846.

Did our police respond like this (picture below from your own blog) Mubarak-like fashion?

That should suffice.

Another symptom of opposition supporter dunggu syndrome, the end justifies the means even if the end could be worse than the means -
And lo and behold, the Muslim Brotherhood won many seats. Well, that’s democracy, it doesn’t necessarily give you the best government.
Out of respect, to your father whom I have the utmost admiration for, which you seem to have lost, I will spare you the explicit tirade I reserve for the most deserving.

In fact, I will mitigate for your sudden opposition supporter dunggu syndrome.

Nine years out of the limelight since your father's retirement is a long time.

You yearn for the VIP attention as first daughter of a famous prime minister.

Yes, life is such a bore when you are no more a centre of attention.

BERSIH 2.0 was an opportunity you could not resist to be in the limelight again.

You wrote about your BERSIH 2.0 escapade and duly received the attention you sought.

The 187 comments is testimony, including one I had an issue with because Tun Mahathir is your father.

So, when BERSIH 3.0 was announced, you saw another opportunity to increase the attention to yourself.

This time you came out guns blazing with your latest BERSIH 3.0 No, We're Not Egypt thingy.

Well, reality is hard to swallow sometimes.

All you got was paltry 5 comments (at time of my posting).

You see Marina, the first time you were just a novelty, the second time round, nobody gives a hoot.

Just like how the opposition will ride the BERSIH bandwagon and suck it dry for free attention, then drop it like a bad habit, when it does not serve any purpose for their political agenda.

Ironically all the brickbats you are receiving will get you more attention.

The position as the 1st daughter of the PM may have spoilt you but now you are spoilt goods - damaged goods.


Hantu Laut said...

It's called "Attention Deficit Syndrome".

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

You are too kind but I concur.

Thank you for for your presence. It's very much appreciated.

Best regards

Anonymous said...


Of all Mahathir's children, Marina is the one that is most alike his father.

Don't believe me.

Say it to her face. She will make a circus of out of you.

She is not from the opposition and she is did not show any support openly to opposition. Leave her alone.

This is pro-government blog, you should attack the opposition, not her.

Sorry. Its hard to resist this time since you are including MM. I will have no problem if you keep on condemning the opposition.


Freddie Kevin said...


Yes, this is a pro Govt blog but it is also MY blog.

Does not mean the Govt is spared when they make mistakes and blunders.

If I do see her I will tell her straight to her face how she could allow a comment that says "I hate your father"?

While that is her blog, would anyone allow such a comment?

Just because it was a complimentary comment?

I will also borrow your phrase and tell HER, she is making a circus of herself.

Sorry if you have a problem but it's your problem not mine.

Nice hearing from you again.

Have a nice day.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Fredie,

Seems to me you are suffering from the "either you are with me or you are against me" syndrome.

Just to let you know, majority of Malaysians are not members of political parties and they made up the bulk of the voting public. These group of voters vote on issues. They support and vote the right side and detest the wrong side. They want to play fair and abhore cheating. And most of all, they hate people who take advantages of others because they were conned, cajoled, and sometimes threatened (more often nowdays) to vote and put these scroundels in power.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...


She has her own mind and she speaks up about them, in this particular, about democracy. Whats wrong with that? We inherited democracy from the Brits not communism.

Mahathir is 80+ years old. Marina probably in her 50's. Spoilt is for teenagers and damage goods?....

You cannot expect every malay to subscribe to the "herd mentality" do you?. This is the new age, people start to think what is right and wrong.

Yeah, speak to her face, I would like to see that very much rather then you writing this piece.

It is like seeing you argue with Tun Mahathir, only at different side of the fence.


Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 14:00,

"either you are with me or you are against me" syndrome.

Which means I'm here and they are there and no middle ground.

Let's take the LGBT issue, am I against discrimination of those having these orientation?


If they want to rally or protest, now that it is permitted, I will support but not on the streets.

But then religion comes into the picture, my faith frowns upon the gay lifestyle.

It becomes sensitive.

There are those who will quietly support but me I say to each his own.

I said it openly.

What else?

A rally to protest corruption, non-partisan.

I guarantee you, it would be so well supported, even I would make an exception and take to the streets.

Provided, the organisers are credible with no hidden agendas.

Let's take another, the latest immigrant workers issue.

Ask yourself

1. Some are facts but on what scale?

2. Who are those who will not support?

Me, I support but not the person bringing up the issue.

I ask why it was in a foreign media?

If the MSM does would not give her fair coverage, which I can say for sure is not the case, there is a large alternative media out there.

Fact is, if an NGO is fighting for certain rights, I am all for it.

Not on the streets.

But there are those leading these NGOs with personal agendas.

The opposition will always leech on to these NGOs.

I did not say MM is an opposition supporter.

Her post showed flaws and falsity.

If she had been someone else I may have not been bothered.

Yes, I have an agenda. It's not political.

Check the links in this post and come back.

Your comment says only you are right.

I will leave it at that.

Thank you for the comment.

I am open to all.

I can be here and there.

Have a nice weekend.


Freddie Kevin said...


Thanks for a hilarious comment.

She has her own mind and she speaks up about them, in this particular, about democracy.

Even if is not accurate?

"You cannot expect every malay to subscribe to the "herd mentality" do you?. This is the new age, people start to think what is right and wrong."

I hope MM gets your message too.

Sorry, I am of the old age, about the same as MM, so I cannot think discern between right and wrong.

Have a great weekend.


Freddie Kevin said...

Correction to 12 May, 2012 09:36 comment:

"Let's take the LGBT issue, am I against discrimination of those having these orientation?


Freddie Kevin