Monday, May 7, 2012

Nick Xenophon - Liar, Fraud, Coward and the Catholic Church

Who is this Anwar Ibrahim hero, Nick Xenophon?

Rocky's Bru shares some info here and Stop The Lies pulls no punches in his latest here.

Sorry if I sound repetitive and I stand by what I say that my Catholic church have been infiltrated by opposition elements influencing decisions and brainwashing the congregation.

I always say opposition supporters are dumb but I never expected my church followers to be so blind and gullible.

I am also absolutely sure there are many in the Catholic fraternity who are avid fans of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

Well this is what you get when you adore the PM wannabe  who has a gay leaning, half past six, liar, fraud and coward politician in the shape of a Xeno, who now watches Anwar's back way down under.

Catholics especially take note.

"GONE TO WATER: Xenophon’s claims of Church sex cover-up proven false, now he’s ducking the issue."

The news article opens it's report with -
A couple of months ago, SA independent Senator Nick Xenophon denounced a Catholic Monsignor as a rapist under parliamentary privilege.
The report goes on to elucidate how the Catholic church took measures to rebut the liar.

The report ends with -
It is rare for someone to be so comprehensively found out as a fraud without chance of being prosecuted. But the embarrassment is severe, all the same. No wonder he’s ducking and covering.
This is Anwar's ally and friend, Nick Xenophon - a liar, fraud and coward.

Opposition supporting Catholics, you have been warned.

Just added 1.25 pm

Everyone makes mistakes. Stealing from a church. Misusing parliamentary privilege in a fit of pique because the Catholic Church didn’t comply with a politicians’ directive about how to handle an ancient and dubious rape complaint against a highly regarded priest.

Nick Xenophon is usually pretty unforgiving about the mistakes of others. In the world he has constructed, he’s the rebel politician. The one and true accountable and independent one. One with principles who stands up for what’s right.

On this day, without parliamentary privilege, and not in the criminal sense of the rape accuser with a history of dishonesty offences whose claims Xenophon took seriously enough to run out in Parliament, we declare the South Australian Senator to be a total fraud. A hypocrite beyond measure.

If Xenophon had any sense of decency, he would acknowledge his error, get up in the Senate and apologise for the harm he’s done to a man we rightly presume innocent.

If he really was the accountable, principle-driven citizen-politician he pretends to be, he’d resign for what is very clearly a monumental and shameful error.
More of the Xeno who is watching Anwar's back down under.

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