Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat Consensus Trap

"Hudud if PAS stronger than allies, says ulama chief"
If we have enough majority if PAS is stronger than our allies we will implement even if not with the current partners we have in Pakatan, may be there will be other pacts that will lend us their support ”  Ulama Council chief Datuk Harun Taib was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.
Bottom line, DAP to the largest extent and PKR playing both sides against the middle, are leading everyone by the nose.

Non-Muslims in general have concerns about Sharia laws only in that it will encroach their religious or secular rights.

I cannot say it's not a genuine concern.

PAS will say that it will not but concerns will remain.

Now PAS has openly brushed aside whatever pakatan the Pakatan Rakyat deceitfully proclaim, governing by consensus, Buku Jinggah, agree to disagee and all other assurances.

Media statement (2) by Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 12th October 2011:
DAP confirms that a PR meeting comprising of DAP, PKR and PAS top leaders were held in DAP Headquarters in the evening of 10 October 2011

The PR meeting reaffirmed the common policy stand of the three parties as contained in the PR Common Policy Framework 2009, Buku Jingga 2010 and PR Joint Statement 28th September 2011 that hudud is not the common agenda of PR for the forthcoming general election, which will also be the policy basis of PR after the next general election. Any change of policy can only be reached by common consensus with the agreement of all the three parties.

The Enakmen Kanun Jenayah Syariah II Negeri Kelantan (1993) was discussed at the meeting. At the meeting, DAP stressed the party's consistent stand in not agreeing with the hudud law and explained that the hudud law is not in line with the Federal Constitution. The meeting concluded with both DAP and PAS agreeing to disagree on the hudud law.

As the hudud law is not mentioned in the PR Common Policy Framework or in Buku Jingga, it is therefore not PR policy. Only policies mentioned in the Common Policy Framework, Buku Jingga or agreed to by all 3 parties will be implemented in a PR government.

Amongst DAP leaders present were National Chair Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and myself; PAS leaders present included PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu, Secretary-General Mustafa Ali and Kelantan EXCO members whilst Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali and Perak PKR Chair Dr Mohd Nur Manuty represented PKR.

*Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary General MP for Bagan

These are the biggest culprits putting wool over everyone's eyes.

Take this PAS proclamation either way, Pakatan Rakayat election tactics or genuine intent,
non-Muslims will have to make choices come the next general elections.

If it is a Pakatan election tactic, allowing PAS to play the religious card to increase it's Muslim votes , non-Muslims especially those in Pakatan Rakyat who have Hudud concerns, take heed. Should the tactic prove successful and PAS forms the government and the majority party in parliament, your concerns will be greater.

Election tactics can result to give PAS their genuine intent.

If you told anyone in 2004, that Pakatan Rakyat would deny BN the 2/3 majority and even take over 5 states in the following general elections, you would have been branded a lunatic.

Anything is possible.

If it is a genuine intent and in my honest opinion it is, non-Muslims concerns remain.

A vote for PAS is a vote for PKR, if their "PR Common Policy Framework 2009, Buku Jingga 2010 and PR Joint Statement 28th September 2011" and all sorts of other collective agreements are to  be believed.

PAS WILL implement HUDUD, the logical consequence of a vote for PAS to benefit the DAP and PKR for a Pakatan Rakyat government, can result in their genuine intent becoming a reality.

AS far as the PKR is concerned, they do not care who will be the majority or the consequences, just as long as their de facto leader  becomes PM.

So for all non-Muslims, especially those in the Pakatan Rakyat, a vote for PAS is a vote for Pakatan Rakyat, it is also a vote for Hudud.

If you think voting for DAP is a vote for Pakatan Rakyat as a counter measure, go ahead and take that chance - DAP will and can never be the majority in parliament. Not in our lifetime.

DAP will play act with all their ruses, Pakatan Rakyat is not the government. Their agree to disagree hypocrisy and deceipt was seriously exposed when their own vice-president was punished for disagreeing. Expect the usual fake DAP shock, rebukes and fake solidarity. They are not the government they will promise everything. They are dicing with your concerns.

When reality bites, don't go to the streets and protest, you will only have the DAP for company.

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Ah Man said...

Ask Hadi said like this, ask Pok Nik said like that, ask Mat Sabu turn that way, ask Nizar turn this way.. U see what I'm getting at here?

YNWA ok..

Freddie Kevin said...

Ah Man,
Brother Anwar say like this, Tok Guru say like that.

Tunku say this, Ah Beng Lim say cannot.

Brother Anwar say can, Karpal selam say cannot, then all say can but also cannot.

I'm getting there Bro. Thank you for your comment.

You are most welcome here, anytime.